I started this blog to have a place to express all my thoughts and opinions about Benjamin Orr without having to be concerned about what other people think. Benjamin was the bass player and one of the lead vocalists for the new wave rock band, The Cars. More of his history later; for now I just want to get these good times rolling.

So grateful to my friend for making the $100 bill for me! [Graphic by @Night_Spots]


8 thoughts on “I’m all about the Benjamins – this one in particular.

  1. Hi Donna Sweetpurplejune. Please keep your thoughts coming. I read your blog over and over. You could write a book with all of your knowledge. Thank you for making so many of Benjamin Orr fans so very happy. My maiden name IS Candy O. Honest! You are a wonderful person to have taken your time to write all of this.

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    1. Aw, thank you SO much, Candy! Your kind words mean a lot to me, and it is so great to know that my obsessive gushing touches other Benjamin fans. I hope you’ll ‘like’ and ‘comment’ plenty so we can share the love! [How awesome to have Candy O as your real name! I love it!]


  2. I LOVE this blog. I am obesessed with Benjamin Orr. I’ve always loved the Cars but I thought Ric Ocasek sang everything. About a month ago I youtubed Bye Bye Love and to my shock Benjamin Orr, the most beautiful man ever, was singing and oh what a fabulous voice. Back in the late 70’s no MTV and Ric being the camera hog that he is when they were on TV made me, and many others from the feedback I’ve read on youtube, think that he sang all their songs. Anyway I realized decades later that all my favorite Car’s songs are Benjamin. So I can’t learn enough about him now and really appreciate all the info you have shared.

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