Candy-O, I need you so!

Candy-O has all the elements of the perfect rock song: driving lyrics delivered with force and sex appeal, hard-hitting lead guitar riffs that make you instinctively clench your jaw and leave you begging for more, banging drums and bass line that compel you to move, and The Cars’ signature quirky synth sound that is just enough to transform the song up out of the grind of every other thing on the radio.

I have several favorite videos of Candy-O, but this performance just rocks. It was filmed in Germany on November 29, 1978, for Radio Bremen’s Musikladen television program. It aired on June 7, 1979, and was released on DVD on October 24, 2000, just three weeks after Benjamin died.

It goes without saying that Benjamin is dee-lish through the whole thing (blonde+leather+choker? heaven help me!), and I love the way he looks on as Elliot absolutely rips it up (around 1:14). They are all so magnetic and play so tight… Perfection.


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