Just What I Needed

Though I had a been a fan of The Cars growing up, this is the video that brought Benjamin into my life: The Cars performing Just What I Needed on the Midnight Special, aired September 15, 1978.

In December of 2015, during a long car trip, my husband and I were discussing how the band had two singers but we couldn’t remember “the other one;” only Ric. We decided to check it out on youtube when we got home and this is what we pulled up. My physical reaction was immediate and forceful. All of the air left my lungs, and my core temperature shot up; I was rooted to the floor. K was joking about Benjamin looking like he was stoned out of his mind because of his eyes, while I tried to quietly breathe again and compose myself… but my blushing and my silence gave me away. K had a good laugh about me turning to mush, and he still teases me about my crush on Benjamin. He’s such a peach!

I absolutely love this performance. It is from their debut album called The Cars, released on June 6, 1978 (though this single was released earlier, in May). I can only imagine the reactions of girls all over the nation watching Ben’s beautiful face appear in their living rooms for the first time… I have a feeling many of them felt like I did. I love the Music Man Stingray bass guitar and the way his hands move over it, love the hair, love the earring, love the outfit, love his expressions and his eyes and his voice and the way he stands and moves and every.single.thing.about.him.


14 thoughts on “Just What I Needed

  1. I still love that one thing I read on one of your other postings where one of the band had joked about how Benjamin should carry a box full of engagement rings due to all the women he’d meet!!! LOL!!! No problem!! I’d sister wife him in a heartbeat!!! ROFL!!!

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  2. OMG that was my reaction I only knew of Ric….this was before MTV, then their newer stuff on MTV it was always Ric. I you tubed this song for some reason and to my complete dismay it wasn’t Ric singing…. they had another singer and he is as beautiful as he is talented. So I googled him and sadly he had passed. What’s even more amazing to me that I didn’t know of this Benjamin Orr is he grew up in the same county in Ohio as I did! My goodness my bedroom walls as a teenager would have been wallpapered in his posters. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. I love that the name of the director is in the clip–that man deserves an Emmy for having known exactly how to film this: mostly close ups of Ben at the right angle in the right lighting, plenty of long shots of Ben to get the full effect of his outfit/moves/sexiness, token shots of the rest of the band 🙂

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  4. This must be the magic video then. This was the first one that I happened to click on when I went looking to watch something by The Cars after hearing about Ric’s passing. I did remember who Benjamin Orr was, so it wasn’t a case of not remembering there was another singer in the Cars, and I even remembered that sadly he’d died a long time ago of cancer.

    Yet somehow I’d completely forgotten or somehow just never noticed he was absolutely gorgeous until watching this video(it was even funnier reading how many of the comments underneath were along the lines of “I’m straight but if I had to choose a dude…” :D). I remember thinking he was kind of cute back in the halcyon days of MTV, that’s about as far as it got(what can I say at the time my tastes leaned more towards Simon Le Bon aside from school, being a Duranie was my full time job LOL).

    More importantly though, I don’t think I’d consciously realized what an amazing voice he had. He sang most of my favorite Cars songs so obviously I liked it but I was watching the video and thinking “Wow this guy has an incredible voice” and that is why during the last couple of weeks I’ve been watching videos on youtube when I get the chance. 🙂 I’m just in love with his voice. I’m impressed by how it can be a bit dark and edgy when called for but also can be really sweet. I also always like a good vocal range as well and he makes it sound easy to be singing “down here” one minute and “up here” the next..

    Thus this is the video I too have to thank for this lovely little trip down memory lane and discovering a bit more about this wonderfully talented man.

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    1. Oops just realized while THIS Midnight Special performance is the one I watched, it was actually a different link on youtube. I mentioned laughing about something in the comments and the one above only has about three. The one I watched has about 3000.

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    2. You must of have seen the video on Youtube. It does seem to be “the one” that draws people in immediately. Welcome to the club MG. It is a place to express feelings that you may not be comfortable sharing anywhere else, but also as you will see if you explore this awesome blog, there is a lot of music to discover.

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      1. Thank you. It’s been fun reading through it, I’m making my way slowly but surely(I was just randomly skipping around and found I couldn’t keep track of what I’d read so I decided to just go in order by date, so I wouldn’ t miss anything, I’m about midway through 2017 now. :))) and like reading the insights people have and hearing some of those rarities, like from their previous bands and some of the isolated vocals, etc.

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  5. I tried to see if there was a post about Live Aid but I didn’t see one(sorry if I missed it) but I have a sort of extremely shallow fangirl moment to share, if you don’t mind, and it’s connected with this song. Now the same night I watched this video performance of the song, as I mentioned above, I also watched the Live Aid performances, Just What I Needed was the first one. I just watched it again, which is why it reminded me of this.

    Aside from a little bit of fuzziness on the mic, I thought it was great, Benjamin sounded great, he seemed like he was having a good time, bouncing on his feet and all, he was personable “Good to see you again!” I think those were the first words I heard him speak(at least within memory I have to think I saw some interviews with members of the group on MTV back in the day at least in passing) and I remember thinking he had a really sweet and friendly speaking voice.

    Okay, so shallow fangirl moment – he was wearing that great outfit with the black and white Nikes and the black open neck shirt and those black pants. Just the absolute definition of casual, unaffected coolness. To the point, I’m watching and you know they are filming full body profile and all I can think is “Oh my look at that, he’s got such a cute tush”. LOL Those pants really did good things for that part of his anatomy, is all I’m saying.

    If this is TOO shallow I understand not posting it. No explanation necessary.

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