Just What I Needed

Though I had a been a fan of The Cars growing up, this is the video that brought Benjamin into my life: The Cars performing Just What I Needed on the Midnight Special, aired September 15, 1978.

In December of 2015, during a long car trip, my husband and I were discussing how the band had two singers but we couldn’t remember “the other one;” only Ric. We decided to check it out on youtube when we got home and this is what we pulled up. My physical reaction was immediate and forceful. All of the air left my lungs, and my core temperature shot up; I was rooted to the floor. K was joking about Benjamin looking like he was stoned out of his mind because of his eyes, while I tried to quietly breathe again and compose myself… but my blushing and my silence gave me away. K had a good laugh about me turning to mush, and he still teases me about my crush on Benjamin. He’s such a peach!

I absolutely love this performance. It is from their debut album called The Cars, released on June 6, 1978 (though this single was released earlier, in May). I can only imagine the reactions of girls all over the nation watching Ben’s beautiful face appear in their living rooms for the first time… I have a feeling many of them felt like I did. I love the Music Man Stingray bass guitar and the way his hands move over it, love the hair, love the earring, love the outfit, love his expressions and his eyes and his voice and the way he stands and moves and every.single.thing.about.him.


6 thoughts on “Just What I Needed

  1. I still love that one thing I read on one of your other postings where one of the band had joked about how Benjamin should carry a box full of engagement rings due to all the women he’d meet!!! LOL!!! No problem!! I’d sister wife him in a heartbeat!!! ROFL!!!

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  2. OMG that was my reaction I only knew of Ric….this was before MTV, then their newer stuff on MTV it was always Ric. I you tubed this song for some reason and to my complete dismay it wasn’t Ric singing…. they had another singer and he is as beautiful as he is talented. So I googled him and sadly he had passed. What’s even more amazing to me that I didn’t know of this Benjamin Orr is he grew up in the same county in Ohio as I did! My goodness my bedroom walls as a teenager would have been wallpapered in his posters. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. I love that the name of the director is in the clip–that man deserves an Emmy for having known exactly how to film this: mostly close ups of Ben at the right angle in the right lighting, plenty of long shots of Ben to get the full effect of his outfit/moves/sexiness, token shots of the rest of the band 🙂

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