Let’s Go! (VH-1 Classic)

Ah, Ben Ben Ben!

Do you see the way his hands move over the neck of that bass? Those long, beautiful fingers? Undeniably mesmerizing.

I love how, after acknowledging the camera at 0:42, he studiously ignores it — so cool, so detached — until 1:11 when he releases his “come hither” look… and I die. He returns at 2:03, unleashing the full force of his sexiness and charm on the camera — yum! And 2:17? Mama, gimme shelter!


4 thoughts on “Let’s Go! (VH-1 Classic)

  1. Well since I’m new on here I had to check this out! Lol….and yes, I had to go to those specific time stamps to see each sexy look!🥰
    This man is my obsession as of late. And I’m enjoying this blog😘

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      1. Thank you! I have a feeling you are right! As much as I listened to the Cars as a teenager I just don’t understand how I didn’t become obsessed back then! Guess I was too busy with boys I could actually get my hands on..lol😉

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