What was wrong with her???

How in the world could Martha Quinn control herself from grabbing his beautiful face and planting a big ol’ kiss on that gorgeous mouth??? Especially because he’s obviously a little tipsy, I’m sure she would have gotten away with it! I would have been in his lap by :56 (as soon as Mark Goodman stopped flapping his stupid gums… geez, enough with the ‘Led Zeppelin’ already).

Sweet, sweet, funny Ben! I’m so crazy about you!

5 thoughts on “What was wrong with her???

  1. I love him in this interview! his look very 80´s, such, such sweet and funny! Incredible the same things you write, the same things I think!! I love him so much! thanks again for do this blog!, i love so much that i´m still in front the computer…at 1:40 a.m….oh god, i´m doing again…since I discovered him and his world, i´m very often stay late at nignt!, watching and listening him, yes! i agree…he is so adictive…

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  2. Ben was so sweet, just sitting there waiting for Mark idiot to finish having his orgasm over Led Zeppelin. made me so angry, and still does, that he made Ben sit there and wait. that couple of minutes we could have been listening to Ben’s beautiful voice taken up by that jerk! who cared about Zeppelin any way?! they sounded like crap! Poor Martha, silly girl. She should have just taken Ben’s hand and walked away with him and had the camera guy follow her. she could have done a proper interview. God knows she wanted to.

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