What was wrong with her???

How in the world could Martha Quinn control herself from grabbing his beautiful face and planting a big ol’ kiss on that gorgeous mouth??? Especially because he’s obviously a little tipsy, I’m sure she would have gotten away with it! I would have been in his lap by :56 (as soon as Mark Goodman stopped flapping his stupid gums… geez, enough with the ‘Led Zeppelin’ already).

Sweet, sweet, funny Ben! I’m so crazy about you!


4 thoughts on “What was wrong with her???

  1. I love him in this interview! his look very 80´s, such, such sweet and funny! Incredible the same things you write, the same things I think!! I love him so much! thanks again for do this blog!, i love so much that i´m still in front the computer…at 1:40 a.m….oh god, i´m doing again…since I discovered him and his world, i´m very often stay late at nignt!, watching and listening him, yes! i agree…he is so adictive…

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! It’s funny how much impact one man can have. I, too, embraced the ways of the night owl when I created my “Benj” world. I’m right here with you, Claudia! ❤


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