I’m in Touch With Your World

I always skipped over this song as a little too odd… until Musikladen. The entire band is on its game, but Greg absolutely blows me away with his crazy-mad instrument skills. Probably one of the most interesting visual music displays, and I wish they would have kept the camera on him the entire time. Of course, I wouldn’t want to miss Elliot lovingly coaxing those wicked sounds out of his guitar, or David working his way around his kit to bring that flavor.

Ric’s lyrics are perfectly quirky and so irresistible to sing (though I’m disappointed he doesn’t actually say “big fat macaroni” – LOL). Ben himself can’t seem to resist joining in on them at 2:01, and when he does get to the mic, his harmonies are delicious. For some weird reason, I also love that Benjamin is not using a pick. Which leads me to my favorite ‘heartthrob’ moments: Elliot’s smile at 0:05, and Ben’s moves at 0:37 and 2:26. Such a scrumptious performance!

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