Bye Bye Love

“Bye Bye Love” is one of those songs I’m *always* in the mood for. I never skip over it. The snarky lyrics paired with Benjamin’s provocative vocals and Greg’s perfectly crafted synth riffs wrap around me every time. Youtube offers SO many videos for me to feast my ears (and eyes) on, like Ben singing the crap out of it on Rock Goes to College (plus the drama and intrigue of what I call ‘the flying drink incident’); the sculpted beauty of Musikladen; the band’s cool and collected “rock star mode” in France; and always, the obvious ‘inside connection’ between Elliot and Ben and the ending.

However, there is one version that stands out above all others. Few things in life make me happier than hearing Benjamin sing with abandon, and he goes all out on this early demo recording.  I just listened to this again and I canNOT get enough. The building of Benjamin’s energy from beginning to end leaves me weak in the knees, and the whole band is just rockin’ it so tight. Sorry people, but I DO love it. Off.the.chain.


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