Raising them right.

I have four kids, ages 10-17,  and for the most part, they do not enjoy listening to the Cars. They tolerate it fairly quietly, although whenever we get in the car they beg, “Please, Mama, NOT the Cars!” But if they *have* to listen to anything Cars-related (and they often do) they prefer Benjamin’s solo stuff. As you can imagine, that is FINE with me!

So… a funny thing happened this weekend…  I had to give my 13yo daughter instructions on the proper time and place to ‘go deeper’ about the Cars. Hahaha!

We met another parent while we were at my youngest son’s soccer game and the subject of music came up. EG (my precocious one) asked him if he had ever heard of the Cars, because her mother was obsessed with them. Yep, of course he’d heard of them, he said. Sooo…  EG launched into a monologue on the merits of Benjamin’s voice on his solo work (she prefers the unreleased tracks over The Lace because, as she notes, “his voice sounds so much more mature and he seems to really believe in the lyrics he’s singing”), and she is really getting into her little speech when…

I notice the other parent’s eyes had glazed over (just before he turned his head to look anywhere else but at her), and he mumbled something about how he likes all genres of music… before he abruptly moved away.  So I gently told my daughter, “Honey, some people just listen to the Cars on the radio and they don’t really want to discuss it.” She just shook her head — foreign concept. We had a good laugh over it.

Here’s her “all-time favorite” Benjamin song (the one she says she’s going to sing if she ever gets on America’s Got Talent — LOL):


6 thoughts on “Raising them right.

  1. Hi Sweet Purple June,
    This is a great blog, and a lot of work has been put into it. I am of the younger generation (I just turned 22). I have quite a few younger fans on my Tumblr blog and several on Pinterest and my Benjamin page as well. While a lot of my work and school friends know the songs, most don’t know much about the band. I’m trying to change that.

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    1. Heya, Billie! Thanks for commenting. You know I love following you on fb. You have so much knowledge and many great resources that I glean from. Between the two of us we’ll make sure your generation doesn’t forget our amazing Benjamin!


  2. my comment doesn’t really belong in this section but any where to write about Benjamin is a good place. Not in this video, I don’t think, but I am amazed how many times I see Benjamin chewing gum and singing, yet he still sings absolutely perfect, God he was just so awesome!

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  3. Chewing gum and mouthing words Ric is singing. Perfection.
    This video you put together demonstrates if you couldn’t be in the first few rows center at a Cars concert, it wouldn’t be worth it. Clearly what I read in a Rolling Stone or somewhere, that he would flirt and smile at the girls dancing in the front rows, is totally true.
    That would have been us had time put us there!

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