The secret ‘yeah.’

I feel compelled to make sure everyone gets a chance to listen to this version of “Bye Bye Love” that showcases our darling Benjamin’s incredible talent: only his voice and his bass. I swear this puts me in an other-worldly trance.

The first melodic bass notes of these isolated tracks invade every cell of my skin. I put my headphones on and close my eyes and I feel like I am in the recording booth with my man and his instrument. The first time I heard this I was surprised at how much he had going on that I could not discern on the studio recording but that contributed to the wonderfully addictive sound of this song. Of course, that awesome little riff at the beginning is always accompanied in my mind by the visual of him performing it in London — so sexy!  I care very little as to the technical imperfections of Benjamin’s bass playing (which some have noted in the comments on youtube); I only respond to what gives me pleasure, and this recording is HIGH on my list.

Being able to hear every nuance of Benjamin’s vocals is magical. The way he dives into the song with his aggressive “I can’t feel this way much longer”…his concise pronunciations at the end of each line… the growly way he says, “foggin’ all my energies until you visited”… when the words “orangy sky” slide out of his mouth… his occasional hushed intake of breath… and of course I’m just mad about his soft “yeah” in the second chorus; so subtle in the full studio version, so delicious here,  and SO adorably Ben!

Every second of this recording is grand delight.

**UPDATE (December 13, 2016): I’m so sad to see that this video is no longer on youtube! If it surfaces again I will be sure to add a new link. What a loss — this was one of my faves.

**UPDATE (August 24, 2017): Found it on Vimeo (many thanks to Michelle B!) so we can all enjoy it again. Hooray!


8 thoughts on “The secret ‘yeah.’

  1. Is there anyway I can download the audio ofof just him & the bass? That sounds so marvelous, and you have no clue it’s going on because of the other instruments, etc. If you can help me out with that, please pm me on my Facebook page!!

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  2. That was so awesome!! I love it. Did close my eyes and listen, your right, felt like being in the studio as he was making that. I could picture him, that beautiful blonde hair, liked him with blonde best, and that gorgeous mouth of his forming every word. Thank you a million times for your wonderful site, every time I visit I find something wonderful to see or listen to i had not yet.

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