Musical manipulation?

Even though  my kids are NOT Cars fans they are pretty good sports about my obsession (well, to the extent that they know about it). They laugh at my t-shirts, and listen to my little informational tidbits, and roll their eyes when they come home early and catch me blasting the stereo. And… they’ve pretty much figured out that they can manipulate their mama by quoting Cars’ lyrics to me.

I’ve had my 16yo daughter end a request with, “Please Mom, you know it’s just what I needed.” — many times! Or she’ll turn on The Cars station on Pandora and approach me with it playing as her lead-in to whatever she’s going to ask. And my 10yo son has gotten his way more than once by singing, “Don’t tell me no, don’t tell me… no!” while trying 100_9313to get chocolate from me. They know just when to wink at me and say, “We’re sorry, Mom, it’s all mixed up!” or “C’mon Mom, gimme some slack!” Even my 18yo son, who practically breaks out in hives whenever he hears The Cars, is skilled at telling me to ‘shake it up’ when I’m being uptight.

Sprinkled in there are the standards: ‘Let’s go!’ ‘Uh-oh, it’s magic,’ ‘It’s all I can do,’ and ‘Bye bye love!’, all delivered with a little shoulder shake and the two-handed, index-finger-out-thumbs-up gesture (is there a name for that?). They’ll even say to my hubby, “Daddy-O… I need you!”

The funny (shameful?) thing is that, the majority of the time, it WORKS.

My most favorite quote, however, came not from one of the kids but from my hilarious, foxy husband. Last week we were driving home from a school event and he said something smart-alecky, looking at me like he was the funniest guy in the world. I was *not* amused, so of course, I gave him that look like ‘oh please.’ As he turned his eyes back to the road he chastised himself quietly, “You were trying to be cute and it didn’t work out.” I burst out laughing and my bad mood was broken.

I love that even though my family doesn’t see what the big deal is about The Cars they understand and respect that *I* think The Cars are awesome, and they enjoy teasing me about it, and are not afraid to use it to their advantage in harmless ways.

I also love that while my kids claim to HATE The Cars, they have all those terrific songs tucked inside their little brains, and someday they are going to be in a store and hear Benjamin’s beautiful voice singing on the Muzak and get all sorts of warm, fuzzy feelings about this amazing band and go, “Aaawww!” So who is really being manipulated?

[Well played, Mom. Hahaha!]

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