Timeline (work in progress)

Because I am a numbers-nerd-list freak, I’m making this post to keep track of dates I want to remember from Benjamin’s life. This will be continually updated… I’m very open to suggestions!

September 8, 1947: Benjamin Orzechowski was born. (Lakewood, OH)

January 4, 1968-May 15, 1969: Benjamin serves in the US Army Reserves.

1969ish: Ric and Benjamin meet (probably for the second time) and decide to team up in the world of rock and roll.

1971-1972: Ric and Benjamin play with Jas Goodkind under the name Milkwood.

1972: Milkwood releases their only album, How’s The Weather

1974: Ric and Benjamin form Richard and the Rabbits. Greg Hawkes is a member.

1974-75: Ric and Benjamin perform as the duo Ocasek and Orr. Elliot Steinberg eventually joins them onstage. Glenn Evans helps on drums.

1975-76: Ric and Benjamin form Cap’n Swing with Elliot Easton, Todd Roberto on bass, Danny Schiftlin (sp?) on keys, and Glenn Evans on drums.

December 31, 1976: Ric and Benjamin launch their new band, The Cars, playing at Pease Air Force base in New Hampshire. The band consists of Ric, Benjamin (now on bass), Elliot, Danny Louis on piano, and David Robinson on drums.

January 1977: Greg Hawkes joins The Cars, replacing Danny Louis on keyboards.

February 1978: The Cars record their self-titled debut album at AIR Studios in London.

June 6, 1978: The Cars debut album was released.

June 23, 1978: The Cars play their debut album launch party at the Park Plaza Hotel in Boston.

July 30-December 28, 1978: The Cars tour for their debut album.

September 14, 1978: The Cars play at the El Mocambo, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

November 22, 1978: The Cars play Rock Goes to College at the University of Sussex, Brighton, UK.

November 23, 1978: The Cars play the Lyceum (sold out); Fabulous Poodles opening

November 27, 1978: The Cars play the Theatre de l’Empire, Paris, France.

November 29, 1978: The Cars play Musikladen, Bremen, Germany.

February 1979: The Cars record Candy-O at Cherokee Studios in Los Angeles.

June 13, 1979: The Candy-O album was released.

June 12-December 20, 1979: The Cars tour for Candy-O.

August 12, 1980: The Panorama album was released.

August 27-December 4, 1980: The Cars tour for Panorama.

October 30, 31, and November 4, 1980: The Cars play in Japan for the Panorama tour.

November 6, 1981: The Shake It Up album was released.

January 1-March 25, 1982: The Cars tour for the Shake It Up album.

September 4, 1982: The Cars play the US Festival.

December 12, 1982: The Cars play a Toys for Tots benefit concert at the Metro in Boston.

July 1983-January 1984: The Cars record Heartbeat City at Battery Studios in London.

March 13, 1984: The Heartbeat City album was released.

July 13-September 12, 1984: The Cars tour for Heartbeat City.

July 13, 1985: The Cars play at Live Aid in Philadelphia, PA.

October 6, 1986: Benjamin’s only published solo album, The Lace, was released.

August 11, 1987: The Door to Door album was released.

September 17, 1987: The Cars play for the MTV Video Music Awards.

October 14-December 12, 1987: The Cars tour for Door to Door.

October 31, 1987: The Cars play on Saturday Night Live (Strap Me In and Double Trouble).

September 29, 1995: Benjamin’s only biological child, Benjamin Charles Joseph, was born.

October 3, 2000: Benjamin died of pancreatic cancer. (Atlanta, GA)


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