Quoting Benjamin

“We don’t have anything extravagant. We still keep it simple and in perspective, I think. I’m here to make myself happy and the woman I’m with happy, as best I can. I don’t want to own the world, just want to do this, ‘cause it’s fun for me.” — Elektra Bio, The Lace press kit, 1986waiting1


9 thoughts on “Quoting Benjamin

  1. Hello again. I was just perusing my I-Pad and came across some things that I can’t figure out. It’s all about Benjamin of course. 1) When The Cars broke up did Benjamin move to Vermont for a short time? 2) Did alcohol play a part with anyone in any way? Sometimes I read things that I put in my “Silly Chatter” box and brush it aside. If it means anything to you let me know so I can look into things further. I know how much your blog means to you. Talk to you later.

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  2. I feel if Benjamin was drinking too much and was also chain smoking, that he had issues that he was trying to work through. We have all has bad periods in our lives, and have maybe tried to work them out the wrong way, I hope Benjamin found some peace in his life before he became ill. He was a wonderful person who was loved by so many. He is truly missed.

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