It reminds me of him.

“…suddenly everything was pure sound. I felt the music like a physical thing; it didn’t just sit in my ears, it flowed through me, around me, made my senses vibrate. It made my skin prickle and my palms dampen…  And it made my imagination do unexpected things; as I sat there, I found myself thinking of things I hadn’t thought of for years, old emotions washing over me, new thoughts and ideas being pulled from me as if my perception itself were being stretched out of shape. It was almost too much, but I didn’t want it to stop. I wanted to sit there forever.”

Jojo Moyes, Me Before You

Photo by Paul McAlpine

4 thoughts on “It reminds me of him.

  1. Dear Donna, how amazing, I just saw this on your wonderful page after re reading this novel again and actually copying those words and my thoughts went to Benjamin and how I felt the very first time I heard him sing. And then again last year when I was in a shop and Drive came on after not being able to listen to The Cars or Benjamin due to grief ( the 2 years just before 2000 were tough with grief over losing loved ones ) then the sad passing of Benjamin in 2000 and following this my beloved family one by one and best friend etc…. so almost 19 years passed when I was suddenly in this shop and Benjamin’s voice came on, instead of tears of pain and loss there it was again. THE MAGIC that Benjamin’s voice always had, the memories and all that was mentioned in the wonderful book by Jo Jo Moyes . ( I was re reading this for the 3rd time as I now have all the 2 books that followed this one. BTW Have you watched the movie of this one? ) As I was re reading this a few days ago , I marked the page and started copying those words and then today I saw your post on your page and it led me here to see this ❤ . These words by this wonderful author sum it up perfectly for me and yes, this reminds me of him and also of how I felt returning to his music and how glad I was able to do so and thank you once again for being you and for this wonderful blog. Warmest regards and hugs , my friend, please stay safe, Tia ❤

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    1. You know I found it really hard to listen toThe Cars especially the songs Ben sang. This was around the time that he passed away and for a great many months afterwards. I don’t know how to describe it but I think many here can understand the feeling that I had about it. It would always make me cry when I would hear any song that he sang especially All Mixed Up one of my favorites. It just seems so terribly unfair. Even commenting on this makes me teary-eyed because his voice and everything just brings up a lot in myself.

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