Yes, you’re too hot… but please stop.

Okay, I can’t put off writing about it anymore. It is the elephant in the room. Well, you know… the elephant in the room in my head that is filled with Benjamin.

If you’ve spent any amount of time on this blog you know that I am head-over-heels, crazy in love with Benjamin, completely immersed in his legacy, and totally obsessed with his life. Nothing he did will ever change that. And you might think that *I* would think that every little thing he did is sheer perfection. And for the most part, every little thing he did is perfect… but there’s this one thing.

This one thing that he did. It makes my cheeks burn with embarrassment.

It’s the video for “Too Hot to Stop.” I can’t STAND it.benjamin-orr-too-hot-to-stop-elektra

There. I said it.

Before you decide to hate me at least hear me out!

Benjamin in black leather? Yes! And you can’t unzip that jacket far enough, buddy. That Hawaiian tan? Bring it on. Cameos by David and Greg? Supportive friends warm my heart. The song is great and I gleefully listen to it over and over. But please…

Someone PLEASE give my man a guitar!!!

I’m just going to lay it all out here. Benjamin, bless his heart, certainly seems to be giving it his best shot… but he looks SO uncomfortable in this. His makeup is awful. His Neil Diamond dance moves are painful to watch. The lip-synching is a disaster. And I feel like I can tell pretty much every point where they stopped filming and Someone said, “how about you dance like this” and “why don’t you move over this way” and “try throwing your arms up” and “now give us the smoldering look.” At no time does he look to me like he’s truly enjoying himself.

Up until I decided to write this review I had only watched this video twice. You can imagine my expectations the first time I clicked ‘play’, can’t you? Can’t you??? Well, it was like a sucker punch. I couldn’t have been more dismayed if he had come out with his head shaved and wearing Steven Tyler’s tights.

I wanted to love it so much! It’s BENJAMIN, for crying out loud! I watched it a second time, thinking that maybe it would move into that grace-filled category of “it’s so bad, it’s funny and I love it” – but no, just more trauma. And in spite of my dear friend Jen’s attempts to get me to give it another go, I just couldn’t do it. I refused to pull it from the corner where I had shoved it, deep in the back of my mind, and managed to ignore it for a while… and yet here I am. I can’t seem to let it go.

Now come on. Think back to every performance you’ve ever seen of Benjamin Orr — and I’m talking about before this video *and* after.  That cool demeanor, those sensual facial expressions… how he could define ‘rock star’ just by standing there, working that bass or guitar and mesmerizing you with his voice, and then turn your knees to noodles with his brilliant smile. This persona fit him perfectly; he was in his element. It was obvious that he was comfortable there; I believe it came very naturally to him.

The Benjamin Orr of the 2H2S video is just *not* him. It seems like a parody, a joke.  Whose idea was this? Please don’t tell me it was the 80s and that’s what everybody did. This was Someone’s concept *for* Benjamin but not *about* Benjamin; it was Someone trying to push a rock star peg into a cheesy hole. It was Someone trying to make my man into something he wasn’t.

But I will say this for him, he was a gamer. However uncomfortable he may have been he pushed through and made it happen; made Someone’s dream come true. And yes, I’m definitely convinced that this was NOT his idea… because he just looks SO wrong.


I read an article from The Boston Herald, dated January 24, 1987, about the making of the 2H2S video. Most of the column inches are spent talking about the complex state-of-the-art lighting used for the ‘futuristic’ backdrop on the set. There is one quote from Benjamin; he says this: “My only idea was to have the video have something to do with outer space. That’s what seems to capture attention the most these days, so I wanted to see if we could go out there for a while — or at least fool the camera into thinking we had.”

My darling, nerdy, love-of-my-life, I wish you had been a just little more opinionated as to how this was all going to play out…

Not sure I can really find my usual little tidbits to gush about. Certainly that smile at 3:30 melts my heart. I know we all adore Benjamin, and I accept that not everyone feels the same way about the 2H2S video as I do, so I’ll let you watch and add your own heartthrob moments in the comments. Maybe you can point out something wonderful that I missed.


15 thoughts on “Yes, you’re too hot… but please stop.

  1. OMG! I can’t believe youtube worked on my tablet, #1, and #2, I can’t believe I watched that a 2nd time & actually LIKED it!!! Maybe it was that handsome hunk beguiling me with that “Can I call you Dinner?!” smile of his ❤ Anyway, his voice is wonderfully perfect as usual, just like him *gush gush gush* ❤ 😀

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  2. Yes, I agree the video is quite lame. This is one of the 2 songs off of The Lace which I don’t really care for. “That’s the way” doesn’t float my boat either. It is hard not to like anything that Ben was involved with.

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  3. Re-read this and had a good laugh as your warm humor softens the blow that is this thing. I think you and i have a pretty good idea whose fault this video was. LOL Dear Ben – we still love you!!

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  4. Bless his heart!
    So some of the 80’s music and fashion wasn’t my thing. I suppose this video is quite dated now and gawd how most of those bouncy pop songs of the era got on my nerves!
    But Benjamin looked very fine an gave it a terrific effort
    Why, oh WHY couldn’t he be playing Bass in this?
    That was when he was in his element!
    Not prancing around makin hoe-down moves with his arms!
    Gotta give it to him; if not for the boots, fake-looking golden skin and peppy awkward dancing; he definitely looked fit, trim and gorgeous.

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  5. Oh wow, I thought I was the only one to intensely dislike this dopey video. After only a few regrettable seconds of viewing (don’t know how I lasted that long) I shut it down, crying “why Benjamin, omg why?! “ No dancing for you!

    But just like you Donna, I managed to move past this hot mess and just love him no matter. All is forgiven 😂

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  6. Only you can say “…I am head-over-heels, crazy in love with Benjamin, completely immersed in his legacy, and totally obsessed with his life” and not come off as batshit crazy! We’re all jealous of you for that. ❤

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  7. I feel just like you ,it’s embarrassing to watch.I did read an article but have not been able to find it again that the mood was very tense on the set,even Greg & David were not very happy with it. The reason given was that Benjamin had been drinking fairly heavily around this time in his life and it was fairly apparent when he he turned up for the recording. Has anyone else seen this article? That said, no one is perfect but he comes very close,so we so much else to enjoy about Benjamin Orr, one corny video doesn’t dim his star .Love reading your comments Cheers

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