In other words:

So how did it go and what about when Ben got sick?  “We did a tour opening for Styx and that went well until May of 2000. Ben was told he had pancreatic cancer and we lost him five months later. He was a trooper and when he got out of the hospital he said, ‘When I fall down and can’t pick myself up we’ll know it’s over. Until then- we rock!’


“We played that whole summer and it was awesome. He played with passion and fire and the shows we did were the best I can ever remember playing. I think we all played for each other – Ben for us and we for him and that is what made those shows so special. The band will sorely miss him.” — Jeff Carlisi, member of Big People and former guitarist for 38 Special; Swampland interview, October 2001.

6 thoughts on “In other words:

  1. Curious what initially sent Benjamin Orr to his doctor. It’s not morbid curiosity for me; I have pancreatits (not cancer, but…). I know the symptoms that send me to the emergency room, but I’ve yet to learn what he was experiencing.

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