Quoting Benjamin

“I mean, if you’re playing in a band with someone you have to respect them for what they do and you can’t fight them at every corner. We get along pretty well I would imagine because we need to respect each other’s own background and their abilities, and you know if there’s a problem you have to file it under the right perspective, you know. You can’t let it blow out of shape. Okay, a problem, let’s take care of it but let’s do it so the band stays together because why not? Why shouldn’t the band stay together? And it’s working well for us so why cut your own throat? An ego is an ego, you know, and you can fortify your ego within a group if you really want to.” — Moving In Stereo: A History of The Cars, The Source radio show, April 1982


2 thoughts on “Quoting Benjamin

  1. I heard this interview a couple of days ago and noticed how hot under the collar he got — “so the band stays together because WHY NOT??!” A rare flash of frustration (probably with Ric), which I think he felt often but worked hard to keep tamped down. Team Ben forever!

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