That rock and roll kick!

Normally I don’t care for songs with long, drawn out solos (as you may know) and in fact, I had heard “Take What You Want” once or twice and thought, “blah!”… but then I saw this footage of The Cars playing it for Musikladen on the big screen and the thrill of watching them boosted this powerful tune onto the list of my all-time favorites. Their performance is off.the.chain.

Before I dive into my looooong recap of what I love about this video segment, I’ll lay out my research. I believe Ric wrote the song in 1977, and it was played in concerts with some consistency through the latter half of that year and on into 1979. The last live performance of it may have been at a charity concert on December 12, 1982, at the Metro in Boston. A quick search for “the cars take what you want” will bring up a few fan videos with various live audio tracks — their performance at the El Mocambo in Toronto is pretty great. For whatever reason, this song didn’t make it to vinyl, but thankfully it showed up on Elektra’s 1999 CD release: “The Cars: Deluxe Edition.”

This song is pretty hard rocking for The Cars. It has such a terrific garage-band-jam-session sound to it. Taking Greg off the keys and hanging a guitar around his neck has a lot to do with that, I’m sure, since he usually plays the bright, pop-ish synth riffs that put one Cars foot on the ‘new wave’ side of the rock-and-roll fence. I think the other reason it comes across so gritty and ragged is because Elliot is allowed to spend some time coaxing those bad-ass sounds out of his guitar. In the meantime, Benjamin is playing out his driving bass and deep background vocals, and David keeps our blood moving with that steady beat. Overlay the primal music with Ric’s edgy lyrics (posted separately) and you’ve got one heck of a wicked song.


As for the video itself, right off the bat you know things are going to be different because out pops Greg from behind his keys, donning a guitar. I love his silliness with Elliot, and how Greg and Benjamin share a mic — or don’t, at 2:32. [Keep an ear out for what sounds like the keyboards at around 4:44 (yes, really!)… I wonder if Ric is playing? Greg is still clearly in the guitar group at that point so it’s not him. I’d love to get some insight on that.]

And then things get a little crazy. Benjamin gets his attitude on starting at 1:30, when he approaches the mic with that cocky swagger. His vocals rise and there’s a little shoulder shimmy before he sets the world on fire with that rock and roll kick. Luckily Elliot was positioned well enough to NOT get his head taken off, and instead he responds with some smokin’ attitude of his own. You just know he’s winding it up…

It’s a tiny gesture, but there’s also that little chin lift that Benjamin does at 1:50. He’s still in rock star mode all the way; and here he comes with it: the ten best Benj seconds of the whole video. Throwing out his pick, strumming that chord before aggressively grabbing another pick off the mic stand, and then retreating into his sexy jamming stance, adjusting his bass, as he gets ready to watch Elliot burn the place down (2:37-2:47). I always need a healthy swig of ice water after that little sequence.

Unfortunately the camera is not catching the beginning of Elliot’s pyromaniacal activities, so I  amuse myself by focusing on the way Benjamin’s hair moves on his collar. Makes me crazy; that’s how much of an obsessed freak I am.

Now look out, Elliot steals the show from about 3:10 on out. It is rare that we get to see him unleash like this, and it is mesmerizing! It’s like he goes into his own little bubble, just him and his baby, and the intensity on his face pays tribute to how far gone he is. Do NOT miss him twist his guitar to make it moan at 4:10 — incredible! (I’m convinced I see a little smile from Benjamin in the corner there.) Elliot seduces us like this for almost a full minute more before we are reined in by a return to Ric’s invasive, forceful vocals.

Elliot is still feeling the grind and we can see it in his growly face at 5:29, and on into his jam with Benjamin from 5:33-5:39. Excuse me if I can hardly focus on anything but Ben’s mouth at that point.

The song comes to its abrupt end and I have to tell you, I’m exhilarated and dying to watch it again. It’s so addictive! Take a turn with it yourself and tell me what you think.



15 thoughts on “That rock and roll kick!

  1. I loved your article! I will never get tired of watching Ben. I personally can’t stand Rics voice and I wish Ben had been the only vocalist but I liked this song. Ben says something at the end I can’t make out – something about too long? Great video and thank you for sharing!

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  2. Thanks for such a thorough analysis of this video. You’ve opened my eyes to so much I’ve missed! Whenever I watch it, that rock’n’roll kick followed by that business with the pick encompasses my brain & I forget everything else about the vid. To the extent that I never remember that I haven’t saved it as a fave & can’t remember the name of the song to search for it. Of course that means it’s an unexpected delight whenever I stumble across it…..until the kick/pick fog hits, & I forget …. Luckily, your relatively clear-headed enthusiasm was just what I needed to find & save the vid!

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  3. I also love that kick of course, but, not getting to hear Ben talk much, he’s not a big talker at all in any interviews i’ve seen or heard except for the ones with Martha Quinn of MTV and Mark Goodman, also MTV. so when I heard him talk at the end of this video, to introduce the next song, i was elated! his beautiful sultry voice, ahhh, like hearing water slowly trickling over stones in a little brook, so peaceful to my ears. At the end of another song he introduces the next and says, this is called, I’m in touch with your world, I wish!

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    1. LOL Yes! As I was reading this comment I was thinking “I’m going to mention “I’m In Touch with Your World” and then you did at the end. I think my immediate response to that song intro was to think “Oh you can touch anything you want!” Sorry being shallow again. My goodness talk about sultry, it made me think of one of those late night DJ’s they used to have who would be speaking all quietly and sexily as they did their bits between the songs, except better.

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  4. Loove this article soo much, Loove all of them by the way!!! I have to say that when I finally learned how to make gifs, “Ben’s Kick” in those black leather pants and EE’s reaction afterwards was the first one on my mind to make ❤

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