A list of the oodles.

Not long ago I posted this video to my twitter account citing, “Oodles of sexiness, a couple of matchy-matchies, & just a ton of over-the-top awesomeness!” Well, some friends were a little distracted by Ric’s… uh, shall we say… ‘uncharacteristically hyper movements’ and could not see past *that* display, so I feel compelled to document (in nerdy list form, of course) the ‘oodles of sexiness’ that actually make this performance drool worthy — even with Benjamin in the back. Here we go!

  1. Right off the bat: Benjamin in black leather.
  2. Benjamin’s beautiful face at 0:37 and the way he mouths, ‘star.’
  3. Working that bass from about 0:45 – 0:50.
  4. Benjamin’s retreat into his rock-and-roll pose at 1:31-1:34.
  5. David’s gorgeousness at 1:35!
  6. Getting into it at 1:41… ah, that mouth!
  7. Elliot’s adorable dancing at 1:52, and all through Gimme Some Slack.
  8. Matchy-matchy: shirts on Benj and Greg; guitar straps on Benj and Ric.
  9. Catch Benjamin’s face at 2:26-2:27.
  10. Pretty much every single time they show David… he’s working hard and looking GOOD! Hot stuff!
  11. At 2:47: the stance,the moves, the sexy little bass grind at 2:55. Mercy!
  12. Ooo, that look at 4:00-4:02.
  13. The way his hair moves on his collar gets me all woozy, especially at 4:05.
  14. View from the back at 4:28 – his hair, his jacket, the way his arm moves… damn amp’s in the way.
  15. His face at 4:52, and then how they cut to the gal in the audience that is in awe… you know she watched Benj the whole time.
  16. Close call with Greg as they are leaving the stage at 4:58. LOL
  17. David’s manly shoulders retreating at 5:04.

So much yumminess!

[Nerd fact: original airdate of this performance is September 19, 1980.]


15 thoughts on “A list of the oodles.

  1. Very well chronicled SPJ! Thank you for all the tips! “Touch and Go” from the same Fridays episode is also very yummy. Ben makes it up to the mic to sing back up. Good shots from the rear as well. Plus it’s one of my favorites off Panorama.

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  2. Laughed at loud at number 15; that’s exactly what I thought when I first watched this video on youtube before having read this.

    And oh my, Ben’s wide-legged stance the whole time. I even think he makes the pointy white boots work.

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    1. 15. Not sure how that gal was still standing upright after that performance.
      Not a good idea to watch this so close to bedtime. Heart racing – falling in love all over again.
      Thanks for re-posting!

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  3. SPJ….did you miss Benjamin 3:40-3:45 playing that bass and looking oh so fine? I can’t get enough. Although, Ric’s dancing was a little geeky. And Benjamin’s white shoes. The whole package. Swooooon! ❤

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      1. WOWZA is right. I have to say that Ric had dance moves like Elaine Benes from Seinfeld. LOL Like you, Benjamin can do no wrong in my book!

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  4. I have always loved this video and I pick it apart just like you do, Donna. Ric’s jerky moves at the beginning make him look like a dork! Sorry!! Though Ben wasn’t shown as often as I’d like, when he was it was the awesome Ben I love.

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