Touching A Star.


I’m honored to get to publish this poignant tribute to Benjamin Orr, written by a woman who was deeply moved by the reality of who he was. Thank you for sharing with me, Cathy, and for bringing me to a closer understanding of our beloved Benjamin.



Life Goes By

Cathy Goode


Life goes by and in a moment it is gone.

Benjamin Orr died today.

Actually it was two days ago, but it was in this morning’s paper

It was a shock to see, even though I knew it was coming.

I spoke of his untimely death on Tuesday in fact.

I’ve been told that I will inherit a ring he designed for a lady love,

Upon her death.

She is my friend.

It is because of her that his death should even touch me, but it does.

She is also the reason that for a brief moment in time

Our lives intertwined.

I was a young kid in my early twenties and he was a rock star.

  (in a band my boyfriend even liked!)

But he was her boyfriend and so I tried to treat him as such.

The gold records hung on his home studio walls

as he and I sat there and conversed.

I asked him about Mick Jagger after he mentioned him first.

I was a bit taken back as he replied, “He is just a person”

or something to that effect.

I realized at that young age from him that day

That I should always remember that a celebrity is a person.

My friend and Ben took Spike and me

Out on Ben’s boat.

Actually we never left the Charlestown dock.

He gave me a Cars shirt and a bottle of champagne.

The four of us sharing an afternoon in the sun.

I can’t recall what birthday it was…

But it was a moment in time I will never forget!

Not because he was a celebrity,

But because to a twenty something year old kid

He took the time to show her that he was a person

Just like the rest of us.

Now twenty something years later I’m older now than he was then

I think I understand what he tried to teach me that day

I did get it.

But even now I know what I felt then

I had touched a star!



5 thoughts on “Touching A Star.

  1. That’s the one thing I have always, ALWAYS loved about this band, Benjamin in particular. They always stayed PEOPLE. They never got snootie, but never stopped having the same boundaries and values we all have. They enjoyed their success, but they never acted like they were any better or worse than anyone else. We got to see a lot that through Benjamin. That man will never cease to be loved!!!

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  2. Beautiful memory! A “once in a lifetime” person. You were blessed to have met him. He was a very special person. Much more than a rock star – a unique & rare but ordinary guy~

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  3. Thank you for sharing this lovely tribute.

    You mentioned that his boat was docked at the Charlestown Navy Yard. I recognized the Bunker Hill Monument over his shoulder.

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