Seasons in the Sun

Graphic by @Night_Spots

When I see any picture of Benjamin my heart responds differently depending on when the photo was taken. Always it’s a powerful response, but with a shine all its own for each layer of Benjamin’s life. I don’t have concrete, defining explanations for these descriptors; I think it’s just what my mind created as the culmination of lots of research, pondering and speculation.

I think of him like:

1965-1967:         young, world at his feet
1968-1976:         the struggle, edge of success, striving and optimistic
1977-1984ish:    powerful, sexy, confident, “take what you want”
1985-1988ish:    bored, searching, caught in the middle, frustrated, unfocused,                                       losing it all
1988-1993ish:    lost, bitter, self-destructive, hurting
1993-1996ish:    trying hard to find healing
1997-1999:          feeling good, optimistic, free
1999-2000:          making amends, letting go, at peace

Not sure I have my dates exactly where I want them… need to hone that a bit, maybe. As I continue in my journey with him there is a good chance that these impressions may evolve and change, but these are the colors of my Benj world right now.

5 thoughts on “Seasons in the Sun

  1. I think you’ve got it right. The only thing I’d change is, I’d start the “feeling good, optimistic” period around 1995, based on comparing the 1987 tour vids with the 1995 South Station vid. He was clearly hurting in 1987 and, much as I love “Everything You Say” & “Double Trouble”, those vids show that he wasn’t getting any joy out of life and music.His eyes looked so sad & dead. On the other hand, by 1995, you can see that making music was fun for him again.

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