Seasons in the Sun

Graphic by @Night_Spots

When I see any picture of Benjamin my heart responds differently depending on when the photo was taken. Always it’s a powerful response, but with a shine all its own for each layer of Benjamin’s life. I don’t have concrete, defining explanations for these descriptors; I think it’s just what my mind created as the culmination of lots of research, pondering and speculation.

I think of him like:

1965-1967:         young, world at his feet
1968-1976:         the struggle, edge of success, striving and optimistic
1977-1984ish:    powerful, sexy, confident, “take what you want”
1985-1988ish:    bored, searching, caught in the middle, frustrated, unfocused,                                       losing it all
1988-1993ish:    lost, bitter, self-destructive, hurting
1993-1996ish:    trying hard to find healing
1997-1999:          feeling good, optimistic, free
1999-2000:          making amends, letting go, at peace

Not sure I have my dates exactly where I want them… need to hone that a bit, maybe. As I continue in my journey with him there is a good chance that these impressions may evolve and change, but these are the colors of my Benj world right now.


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