Lyrics: Goes On Sleeping

Goes On Sleeping by Cap’n Swing

You know the way she’s looking, she’s the one you’d like to touch

You were staying the night over and you could love her for as much

Because you’re the soft shade (?) lady, know the way that she could feel

If only you could roll on her you could spin her like a wheel


Too shy to love her with a secret on

You still caress her in your head ’til dawn

‘Cause if you hide it ’til the feeling’s gone it goes on sleeping


She’s a cool romantic, she’s giving up on you

And she always flies her ladies into the crystal blue

Hot lights and flaming nights leave a haunted smell in the air

Silk jeans and sweet love dreams make ‘em sometimes unbeware


Too shy to love her with a secret on

You still caress her in your head ’til dawn

‘Cause if you hide it ’til the feeling’s gone it goes on sleeping


Goes on sleeping…

10 thoughts on “Lyrics: Goes On Sleeping

  1. You’re killing me SPJ. I am overcome with joy. This song and the Benjamin cut outs – Benjamin at the monument Benjamin at the Christmas tree – taking him everywhere, seeing him everyplace. That was the sweetest lovliest video!

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    1. Yes, my dear friend Jenny D made that video with her “Pocket Benjamin” companion, and I love it SO much, too! I wish I had a PB of my own, but I think my husband might draw the line if I started pulling Ben out everywhere we went! Haha! And this song just makes me so weak in the knees. Beautiful!

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  2. “Because you’re such a lady…” at least, that’s what I heard for that spot with ( ). Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into this blog about Benjamin. As another poster has written, I, too, am a late ‘bloomer’ when it comes to Benjamin Orr and The Cars. I was a junior in high school, in Ohio, no less, when their first album came out. Alas, I was on a “Journey” with my “Foreigner” “Loverboy”, but apparently not in “Cars”. LOL I’m sure I heard their songs, but they were not significant to me. (I hear them all the time now in stores, etc.) I do remember seeing on MTV the video for ‘Drive’ and thinking that guy singing it was hot, or to use the term from then–a hunk, but I didn’t know who he was, and, stupidly, I didn’t pursue finding The Cars’ albums, either. (What a dumb butt I was.) I finally put a name to the face (such a handsome face) when I saw ‘Stay The Night’ and realized Benjamin Orr was that hot guy who sang ‘Drive’. By that time, though, I was in my mid-twenties, working, listening to classical music (I’ve had my fits and spurts with different genres), and having missed that teenage window of opportunity for MTV, was not into The Cars. In a couple of years, they’d be broken up, so I really missed their career as far as being a band-following fan. Fast forward to late summer 2019, when following/chasing videos on YouTube, I ended up thinking about and finding those two videos from long ago. It snowballed from there. Well, more like an avalanche. Like you, I was completely overwhelmed by the feelings/emotions I felt. (My husband doesn’t know–I’m not sure I could explain, either. I almost feel like I’m having an affair. ^_^ LOL ) I spent as much time as I could find (and some I had to borrow–I’m a teacher–some nights papers did NOT get graded) trying to locate music, information, tidbits, interviews, whatever about Benjamin Orr and/or The Cars. (I have come to this blog late, but “I’ve got time” (from one of MY favorites)). Anyway, what I didn’t expect was the complete emotional upheaval, especially upon learning of his passing. I, too, have grieved for that man as though he was a beloved member of my family. I truly feel regretful that I didn’t personally know Benjamin, and I feel a profound heartache for his loss and the loss of such a loving, wonderful, gifted, talented, generous, human, gentle man. I have bawled my eyes out and have gotten that tight feeling in my chest when I have thought about his being gone. I still get weepy when I listen to him and a turn of phrase just hits me the ‘right’ way, or if I hear a non-Benjamin song–same thing happens. (Look up ‘Forever Autumn’ sung by Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues. Tear jerker, esp. when you think about Benjamin.) It took me a looooong while to finally watch his last interview. Tore my heart out. I get angry that he is gone, never to grace us again with his unique voice in new songs. I am thankful we have access anytime to the past, but it’s not the same as anticipating future offerings. I also have my like/hate (I can’t say love/hate) issues with R. Ocasek. I know if he hadn’t been the songwriter he was, we would not have the music with Benjamin singing. But I know there probably could have been a little more that Benjamin could have sung, but for whatever reason, it didn’t work out “my” way. I get pissed about the apparent “dynamics” of the band and have given my opinion about it in several comment sections. (I did read your blog about R after he passed, so I’m not quite as hard-hearted as I was.) I may be wrong, but I noticed after the first album, Benjamin doesn’t seem to have any bass ‘solos’–not that he had extensive ones anyway. I just don’t hear any times, in the other albums, that he gets to stand out a little with his bass. But, like you, I do listen more intently for the bass parts. I also seem to think in “Benjamin time”, meaning if something from the past comes up (like movies, news, etc.), I tend to reference it to whether Benjamin was alive then. I’m sure you understand, or at least don’t think I’m completely nuts. (I’m still debating that with myself.) Well, I could go on, but I think I’ve probably “bent your ear” enough. I look forward to digging into the archives. Much thanks and stay safe. Heidee

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    1. I’m so glad you shared your journey, Heidee! So many of us can relate to the path you’ve taken, as well as with all of the intense emotions and seemingly irrational fixation that come with falling for Ben. You are definitely not alone here, and I promise, we don’t think you’re ‘completely nuts.’ ❤ Thank you for your input on the lyrics, too. It's such a tough one!

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    2. “..My husband doesn’t know–I’m not sure I could explain, either. I almost feel like I’m having an affair. ^_^ LOL )..”
      Yes Heidee – exactly – it is so strange.

      SPJ’s reply pretty much says it all. I love all that you put it down in words here because it is hard to keep it all to yourself. Your description of your emotions are so good.
      “I’ve got time”..I love that song “I’ve got hope, well it comes and goes..” a big favorite of mine too.

      I started my journey in August last year, and I have still not watched the final interview. But the daily references like the turn of a phrase someone says, or you hear on TV, or songs reminds you of him. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about him.
      I guess that is why Donna made the “it reminds me of him” section. It so clearly is part of our devotion.

      I understand your feelings about Ric regarding Ben’s bass playing. But when I listen now, there are songs that Ben’s bass is actually like a duet with Ric’s singing. It is not like a lead guitar that answers the singer, but it is a constant going along with the lead singer – accompanying. Base solos were never very popular like lead guitar or drums.

      Regarding the dynamics of the band: Now that I have been doing this for almost 1 year, I am realizing that The Cars actually stayed pretty cohesive compared to the in-fighting that occurred in other bands almost from the conception – i.e. Crosby Stills Nash & Young, The Beatles (after the first couple of albums) The Eagles.

      In those cases it was a constant battle of the songwriters within the group, everyone vying for leadership roles and their voices to be heard. Actually CSN started by not calling themselves a band to avoid the battles and to allow for individual growth and expression. But as it turned out human nature took over and each wanted more of a voice in the group.

      With Ric’s control he kept a cohesiveness. and with his particular quirky song-writing, he defined The Cars.
      Yes Benjamin was crucial – his voice, his style, his rock star dynamics and his serious musicianship was necessary. His longtime friendship with Ric also vital. The reason people mix up the two lead singers was not the voice so much but the style. As my familiarity with each song has grown over the past 10 months, I am able to notice that more and more. Who copied whose style first? Who knows. But they picked up each others approach to delivery.

      The two of them had been together for 20 years. It was just not possible for them to stay together. Ric was getting bored with it. Didn’t like being on the road (Ben loved it). I feel like Ric waned more challenges.

      Benjamin to me appears to not want to be a leader. He loved lead singing, but he was very comfortable in his support role. Perhaps his 18 moths in the army shaped his attitude about not everyone can be a leader and that support people are crucial for a successful operation.
      I think it is proof that he was in control of his ego, and pride. He had a smooth self-confidence that didn’t need to express itself in some big shot way.
      But he did join the song writers guild and so maybe he has some aspirations.

      I think he was challenged to the extreme when he had to come up with brand new songs.
      He just wasn’t a born song writer or able to turn a phrase. That must have been a lot on his head. Perhaps having Diane as a writing partner changed the dynamic of their relationship (probably exciting and wonderful at the time) but later on she may have upset the balance of the band’s all boy persona and the request for some song writing just put Ric over the edge of his collaboration ability. He has been quoted as saying that he couldn’t connect to Benjamin’s writing.

      I know that although they traveled on separate busses for Door to Door, and that there was specific problems between Ben & Ric, Ben’s sunny outlook on life had him believing and expecting that life would go on as usual. They would make a new album every couple of years, go on tour (which he loved) and in between he would Scuba dive and live his life with Diane.

      He was interviewed during the Door to Door tour and he said
      I have a 1/2 million dollar bus, it is like a home. When asked about the future – he said
      “Just keep doing what I’ve been doing the past 10 years”

      David Robinson in an interview talked about how Benjamin was kind of late to the realization that the band was falling apart. After the break Ric commented – “the band broke up and then it disintegrated”

      Thanks for your post – it gave me a chance to talk about my favorite subject.
      I look forward to reading more from you as you go through the archives.

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  3. I’m totally lost in this song, (eyes closed and swaying and heart clinched tight) and I’m totally not sorry 😉 Love Love Love It!!! ….thank you Donna Again!!!

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