“…And everything you do-oo-oo”

WARNING: This is nothing but blatant fangirling, baby.

A bit ago I wrote about my struggles with the gush, and I am finally ready to sit down and have it out. I chose to go with Everything You Say, because the way I perceive Benjamin to be during this time of his life matches my current mood. It’s okay with me if that part doesn’t make sense to you… I also chose it because he’s absolutely AH-MAZING in this video!

Those first notes and that countdown raise my heart rate right out of the gate. The video editor makes me crazy by showing everyone else *but* Benjamin for the first 30 seconds, but when my man finally comes out of the dark and onto the screen he has been worth the wait: he is GORGEOUS. That layered black leather wrapped around his husky build, the 1987 blonde shag, and (as always) the way his hands move on his bass… Seriously, I have to pause here and breathe for a minute.

He starts singing in that low voice and it is sooooo delicious and sexy. The way he says ‘honey’ makes my spine tingle. And oh, those closeups at 1:02 and 2:04! With the sweat on his jaw and his glance over to the right; that way he sort of half-purses his lips… yummy.

Catch his beautiful smile, too, that smile at 1:39! Grooving moves at 2:42, his hands at 2:57 (really, through the whole thing), and his shrug and grin at the late spotlight at 3:26… Ah, and that little bass swing at 3:57! I love it!

Other things that crack me up about this vid: Looks like Elliot gives up at 4:26; the way Greg be-bops around reminds my kids of a little parakeet, I love Ric with the acoustic guitar, and the footage of David is wonderful! Think I’m going to make some gifs from this one. Hee hee!

Be sure to comment on your favorite parts — and let me know if I missed anything!


6 thoughts on ““…And everything you do-oo-oo”

  1. sigh . . . I’m most in love with David from Door to Door. I always had a mental image in my head as a child of what my future husband would look like, and DtD!DR matches to a T. ♡ Oh, BTW, this is my baby brother’s favourite song//performance {Strap Me In is his fave Cars MV, on that note – can’t decide if it’s mutually mine too, or if Panorama is, just cos that’s when I first *really* fell for David}.

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  2. “Everything You Say” is my favorite tune from Door To Door. Ben’s voice gets so low that it seems like he is about to break out into an Elvis impersonation…a great live performance.

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  3. This is the last video I watch every night before going to bed; the penultimate is always “Double Trouble”. Even if I’ve spent the prior hour(s) watching Greg Lake vids, particularly “Still….You Turn Me On”. If anyone had told me that my 65th birthday would apparently turn on my fangirl switch, I would have laughed myself silly. I’m just thankful that my fangirl targets are both from my generation!

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