I love the way he says this:

Caller: “Have you ever considered going into acting, and if so, what kind of roles would you like to take part in?”  Benjamin: “I considered it… but nothing’s come my way…” (laughing) — Rockline interview, 1987

Well, we know of at least one opportunity he had, but it didn’t work out — dang it!

Miami Vice was a hugely popular television show from 1984 to 1989. It starred Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas as undercover detectives whose job was to rid Miami of drug lords, sleazeballs, and other bad dudes. Unlike the normal fare in the ‘cops and robbers’ genre, Miami Vice skillfully threaded their episodes with cool clothing (starting a whole new fashion trend!) and cutting edge music.  The show often featured popular rock-and-rollers of the day, like Glenn Frey, Phil Collins, Ted Nugent, Gene Simmons, Sheena Easton, Power Station (and plenty of great actors, too)… the list goes on and on. It is a great tragedy that Benjamin Orr’s name is not on that list.


Apparently Benjamin was scheduled for a cameo appearance on Miami Vice in 1985, but the day set aside for him to film his part was the same day The Cars were to appear on stage at Live Aid. Since he later mentions Live Aid as his most memorable experience with the band, I’m SO glad they did it. And their performance there is EPIC, one of the best… but , oh, how I would have loved to see him act! Could you imagine? His incredible looks, that low voice, his stony facial expressions; maybe even featuring a song with his vocals (a la Glenn Frey and Smuggler’s Blues)… it all seems so perfect for him! It’s a shame he never got a second chance.

Benjamin was asked a few times what he thought about acting. Here are a couple of other clips of his responses…


What do you think? What kind of roles would have liked to see him play — leading man, action hero, villain? Comment below or find me on Facebook!


8 thoughts on “Miami Vice: Missed Opportunity

  1. It says a lot that Ben can pull off not only being fashionable in an 80s sense, but also look 100% less goofy than those hosts. The one thing that honestly irked me about the Cars clip from Live Aid was that while they were putting on one heck of a great show, the footage kept cutting to the stupid jet in which Phil Collins was arriving. Who CARES?! My favorite bit of this interview above: “It’s terrific.” Yes, people in the Mid-West talk like that. A lot. 🙂

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  2. I have been reading your blog a lot the past 2-3 weeks. Thanks for all the inside information about Benjaman.
    So in one of the above videos, the one with the female asking the question. That voice sounds like the woman he was seeing, Diane. I watched a video of her showing jewelry she makes from beach glass and this just sounds exactly like her.

    Anyway my name is Debra and it’s nice to see someone with a shared obsession.
    PS: I just ordered one of those T-shirts that you had the link to the store. The one like Ben’s. Thanks. ❤

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      1. Her voice certainly sounds similar, not exactly the same now that I listen again. I think it’s more the way she pronounced certain words. I watched Diane’s jewelry video several times because I make jewelry as well. So it was interesting.

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