In other words:

“I was never confident in my own voice but I was always confident in his. I always felt relieved when he was singing, and I was always proud of him when he sang.” — Ric Ocasek, A History and Retrospective on the Life of Benjamin Orr by John Colapintobenandric1976-2

3 thoughts on “In other words:

  1. What a nice sentiment…people just being people, I guess I would just expect a certain amount of jealousy in a band. But Ric and The Cars seemed to be warm, egalitarian in their relationships. I had no idea this book was out there, looking forward to ordering!

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    1. Yeah, I think for a long time these guys were a perfect fit — all five of them. There never seemed to be ego wars; they all did what was necessary for the music. This quote is actually from an article, not a book. There is a book in the works about Benjamin; not sure when it will be out but you can bet you’ll hear about it from me. LOL

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