Quoting Benjamin

About Candy-O: “I can’t imagine anyone else doing an album like that and pulling it off the way we did, any more than I can imagine anybody else doing a Beatles album, say. It’s a lot cleaner than the first one and we spent a lot more time working on sound and the clarity of instruments. But it’s still a natural kind of flowing thing; there’s a lot of feeling from every individual involved. Ric and I have been singing pretty well for some time now, but this time out we had the luxury of really getting it down on tape. The blend of our voices is perfect.”  –Candy-O press kit booklet, 1979



4 thoughts on “Quoting Benjamin

  1. Last night, I searched through my old Album collection and found Candy O. It was the only album I bought of theirs although I was familiar with all the popular songs from all the albums except Door to Door (in 1987 I was working, pregnant with my first child and The Cars were not on my radar any longer).

    After now exploring all Cars albums, their extended versions included, and the with the luxury of listening through air pods, what I suspected from the beginning is finally a certainty. Candy O is my favorite album. It is rocking, it is rolling, it is jamming, it is familiar, it is comfortable, it is so Benjamin beautiful.
    It is a level up from The Cars Debut, Panorama is also a level up from Candy O on the trajectory of the band, but it is sideways too. (and also very awesome – I love it very much).

    The three Northern Studio versions songs are also awesome, and proves that even without a lot of production, their original music was just so good. I do like the tweaks I assume RTB brought to them.

    I think Candy O was improved by changing the way Benjamin sang “let me in, it’s just a quirk, do you have to win”, and Elliot’s wah wah wah, that Dave pointed out on one of the podcasts was fun, but the final product was better with that not being so pronounced. Dangerous Type I would love any version of that, and Night Spots literally levitates me. Although Benjamin is not singing on those two, it doesn’t matter because. well….I don’t think I have to explain it to anyone on this blog, especially you Donna.
    Now that I made my decision (this morning) and I am looking at this Quoting Benjamin, I feel content and more in awe of this wonderful man.

    I am in the middle of Let’s Go, and the more I read about the effect he had on people, the more I agree with what Tia said on Facebook today. He was a force of nature. So true!!!!!

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    1. Awesome — I love that you found that connection from the past! There is no doubt, Candy-O ROCKS. And I totally agree about Ben being a force of nature. I’m so glad you’re reading the book and I look forward to more of your thoughts!

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  2. Your blog is the gift that keeps on giving Donna. I guess I skimmed a lot in my excitement and didn’t do deep dives into the work your’ve done. So now I am taking my time. Also, when reading your blog, it is easy for us readers (admirers) to go off on tangents looking for more stuff and wind up down the rabbit hole. When we re-emerge we forgot where we were. :).

    I am just now reading your review on Joe’s site of the expanded version of Candy O.
    “…My favorite, “Candy-O,” appears from a series of recordings done at Northern Studios. Benjamin Orr’s vocal work has such a metallic, powerful sound to it, reflecting an appealing arrogance in his mood not present in the studio version….: ” Fantastic description.

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