Lyrics: Do You Know What It Feels Like

Do You Know What It Feels Like (written by Benjamin Orr and John Kalishes ©1993)


No surprise, I got your call; there’s no regrets, we’ve said it all

Do you know what it feels like?

Guess you can’t go back again, so very hard to watch you act, my friend

Do you know what it feels like?

And so… a time to let go and see how it flows without you.


You lose a lead, a broken car, you drop a beat and there you are

Do you know what it feels like?

It’s said and done, now I’m the one who pulls the strings so dance for me

Do you know what it feels like?

And so… a time to let go and take to the road without you.


You know your looking glass has frozen me

And you know I’m not where I used to be

The tables have turned and the bridges have been burned


So in the end the truth rings true after all I’ve learned from you

Do you know what it feels like?

And so… it’s time to let go and see how it flows…

And so… I take to the road and see how it goes without you


I found a couple different versions of this song; the lyrics I typed here go with this recording below. The image in the video is deceptive; this is *not* a Milkwood song.

Here’s the other studio recording I found; some slight variations in the lyrics:



9 thoughts on “Lyrics: Do You Know What It Feels Like

    1. Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner — glad you got it figured out!
      Yes, it is my belief that this song is about the end of his friendship with Ric. There are several lines that really seem to point to it. Breaks my heart… but I am optimistic that Benjamin didn’t hold a grudge until the end; I think he was really a peacemaker at heart.


      1. Perhaps we should or could surmise Benjamin was not an aggressor but a non-violent pacifist type. Problem is, while he may not have openly shown any acrimony or bitterness, his pain at the loss of his band,may have been turned inward and manifested in self-destructive or pain driven actions. My heart breaks for him. The break-up of the Cars destroyed him, I believe.
        I must say post Cars saw him writing some very, very good songs, whether on his own or in collaboration w/ Kalishes. “I AM” is a brilliantly constructed & powerful song!

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  1. hey D!
    While I am here, does your info corroborate w/ mine that it was Benjamin who engineered or suggested the band get together for that last interview before he died?
    I know I read it somewhere but don’t know the facts & details of how that reunion came about..

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    1. You know, I do think I read that, too, that it was his suggestion. I find it really difficult to get info about that interview; I can’t even find the exact date! I’ll continue to keep my eyes out for the details. Let me know if you come across anything more?


  2. okay, so I conducted a little search to satisfy our burning curiosity and need for fact. I forced myself to watch some of that last interview. I also read a June 9, 2011 Rolling Stone article and found that the interview happened in Atlanta. It was June of 2000. Brett Milano was the off-screen interviewer.
    The RS article I reference was written by David Fricke.
    The reunion interview was to be included on the DVD. As we know Benjamin lost his fight with Cancer on October 3 of that same year.
    I had only seen 5 minutes of that interview, as it was too painful to see Ben ravaged that way. I wanted to remember him as the vital, strong, beautiful human he was when healthy.
    So, anyway, I listened up to some of Part 3 and LOST IT!!!. I am afraid some of my pent up emotion about Ben’s unrealized international legacy sprang forth and I said some things on the subject.
    I don’t think I’ll watch the rest of it. No, on second thought I WILL. I need to see if Ric ever says what he has never said before. And that would be, “Thank you! Thank you Ben for your enormous contribution to our band. Thank you for sharing the amazing gift of your wonderful voice and thank you for lighting of the stage like a beacon and sharing your cool badass stage presence with us and the world. I owe you a debt of gratitude, cos I doubt I would have been as successful as I am today without your contribution to our band.
    Love ya, man”

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