In other words:

bendave5.jpgOn recording Move Like This without Benjamin: “…Over the years we’ve missed him and in a way we reflect on how good he was now more than ever. If he was here to contribute something now, it would be fantastic. Yeah, even every few years, I have to sort of look at videos of what he’s doing and how good he is, listen to the old songs.  But for me, listening to the old songs that we are thinking about doing on stage makes me appreciate his voice.” –David Robinson interview, May 5, 2011,

5 thoughts on “In other words:

  1. To be purely shallow, I think David Robinson is probably the member of the band I find next most attractive, after Benjamin or course. He’s even kind of a handsome older man, with his beard. He reminds of an old sailor for some reason. 🙂

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  2. Sweet,talented,& handsome.A fine gentleman,& I got blessed to have met hi. In Austin in The Continental club in early 80’s,& I met Elliot,& Kool & the Gang,& Martin (lead guitarist of Nick Lowes band,all in one night.It was a great night!

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