Episode 01: Let’s Talk!

logo.jpgWell, time to try something new! My good buddy from @Night_Spots and I are giving podcasting a whirl. We’ll be gabbing on anything and everything about The Cars. How many episodes? Who knows? We like to listen to ourselves talk so we could go on forever. Hahaha!

Check out the debut episode by clicking on the link below. (Excuse the technical difficulties; we’re both kind of dopey with technology.) Hope you enjoy it!


UPDATE (March 14, 2018): All episodes are now available on Youtube! Listen, subscribe, and share. Check us out at bit.do/nightthoughts 



4 thoughts on “Episode 01: Let’s Talk!

  1. Very nice, Donna and Dave! (I do not have a FB presence and will leave my comment here.)
    This has the potential to be fun and informative.
    Dave, you cracked me up with “asshole”. I know some people positively hate that word. I, however, find it particularly appropriate when driving and a person does something aggressive, competitive or obnoxious. For instance they just have to get into that space in front of me on the road; you know, the important required length for safe rapid braking. So, I usually find myself back in front of them to piss them off and when I do, I look directly at them through my rear-view mirror and explicitly mouth and say out loud, “ASS HOLE”. It is an exaggerated and obvious message I believe the target actually sees, but likely doesn’t. I don’t care. I do it a-lot. It gives me immense pleasure! 😉
    As for The Cars. I love them and have a special appreciation for each member in their own right for their incredible, mad skill at their craft. However, Benjamin stole my heart at the first listen of his voice. It was 1978 or so and I saw him on the debut album and it was all over. He was the most captivating, elegant creature I had ever seen. I was smitten. One magnificent human being. Since, I have followed The Cars: can appreciate Ric for his lyric writing chops, usually loved every single song Ben sang, and was greatly irritated by many of Ric’s kooky MTV videos and hyper, bubbly sell-out 80’s stuff.
    I hope frank honest discussion is the model you will follow in anything that comes in future podcasts. If cussing is acceptable, the exploration of provocative or edgy opinion should be, as well. We are adults and Cars fans have strong viewpoints about their revered musical icons.
    Thanks for listening.

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    1. Haha, you crack me up, P! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. We are all about keeping it real on the show, that’s for sure. BTW, the next episode is going to be all about the studio-produced videos so I hope you’ll take a listen. We are also looking at taking listener comments and questions on the future, so be sure to keep chiming in!


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