Episode 02: Keeping it Real

Episode two is up and running! Dave and Donna discuss the highs and lows of being in ‘The Cars world’ with other actual human beings. Take a listen and let us know your thoughts!



UPDATE (March 14, 2018): All episodes are now available on Youtube! Listen, subscribe, and share. Check us out at bit.do/nightthoughts 

13 thoughts on “Episode 02: Keeping it Real

  1. Hi guys!
    I’ll bet Benjamin had the MOST beautiful, perfect colon EVAH! 🙂
    Great podcast #2!
    You bring up some good points to get out in there in the light of day, as you laid the foundation of what this on-line universe is about..
    Thing is, in most Fan based groups, clubs, message boards, blogs etc., we will encounter the “Good, the Bad and the Ugly”. I once was extremely active, dedicated and passionate about my admiration for a band, and enthusiastically joined some fan boards. Let me say this. What I learned is that just because people share a common love of the same band or single band member, does not translate into them all being loving, generous, tolerant, humble human beings, happy to be sharing space and time together over a common interest. It was disheartening to find that people are people and not all people are kind, thoughtful, generous of heart and tolerant in spirit. There are stinkers in fandom who show true colors, imo, flaws in personality, just as there are these types encountered in your workplace or in some random group situation in public. We can try to first rise above the fray and say to ourselves, “self, not all humans have evolved to the highest spiritual level they should or could be at that time in their lives” and we have to then try to be mindful of being non-judgmental and remain grounded and cognizant of that fact. That’s one observation reserved for the ignorant or un-evolved person who is not necessarily unkind purposely but because they know no better. For these people there is still hope. Now, I’ll skip the bad except for saying, I understand where Dave, a fellow graphics professional, is coming from. Yes, some of the fan-vids and embellished photos can be construed as tacky, amateur and/or over the top. However, we have to cut them some slack. It is their expression of love and admiration, done using unsophisticated design programs and some of them don’t have the editing eye or sense of design style one learns through practice and seriously applied training. We cut these fine folks slack, as well. As for the “UGLY”; boy, have I witnessed and been on the back end of some ugly, venomous, hateful, possessive fans. These are the people who have the mean streak which compels them to strike out, do emotional harm and damage to their targeted victims. These people need to be immediately called out on their vicious behavior. It needs to be made known that they are that way. And they should be ostracized or even banned, if possible, from the group they acted out so destructively! I have seen some fans become so vicious they have tracked people’s IP’s, stalked them on-line, threatened people by trying to notify their victim’s workplace in order to cast their hate-net wider and cause more harm. These types are mentally unstable but sometimes are so crafty in how they portray themselves, at large, only the targeted victim really knows the true, evil underbelly of these Ugly fans. They are hard to stomach. They DO cause harm and hurt because it is difficult to conceive that people could be so destructive and hateful towards another who is supposedly there out of a shared LOVE for a band or band member. This shit is seriously mind-blowing garbage for someone to have to deal with. It IS NOT what you signed up for when you gravitated to that place you thought you’d find peace, love and commonalities. Shocking stuff to deal with but, after all, if a person is already deeply mentally damaged or has a hateful, envious, mean, jealous or unhealthy competitive streak; being in a fan group is NOT going to erase their deficiencies. These people need professional help and it is best that we do not engage with them or try to communicate with them as though they are normal, as they are outside the frame of normalcy and incapable of showing decency &/or charity to their fellow man. In fan-groups one has to hone their radar and study human behavior and then figure out who to engage with and who to run, run run away as far as one can from. For, while some are obsessively ‘in love’ and prone to weaving stories of sleeping with Benjamin Orr, some really are effing “Bat Shit Crazy”.
    So there’s my encapsulated ‘take’ on your podcast #2 topic. I try to keep all this stuff in proper perspective and not get carried away. I actively strive to keep it real, be humble and kind whenever possible and put that ugly garbage encountered as far behind me as possible. One last thing, I admit to having strong opinions about likes and dislikes and will convivially argue my strong opinion but I always try to inject humor to temper those strongly expressed views. Youtube is a crazy, wonderful forum of ideas and wild and wonderful personalities but there is even a way to sanely navigate those sometimes choppy waters. But that’s a tome perhaps saved for another day.
    Thanks D & D!!
    That was much fun. I look forward to the next!!

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    1. Great thoughts, P! You’ve fleshed out what so many of us have learned by being involved in fan groups. Being a relative newbie myself, I was surprised to find the extremes — the unreserved kindness and the darkest viciousness. My skin has definitely thickened over the last year and a half. Thanks so much for listening and commenting; episode 3 will be up before you know it! — Donna

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  2. yes, Donna. It can be deflating to experience the cruel, bully-based, vengeful fans. Which is why we so very much appreciate the generous, bright souls imbued with good, positive vibes in the Fanorama.
    Thank you for listening.

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  3. I started Podcast 3…..was interrupted, though. Quick yet, for me, profound impressions.
    If this is about MTV videos. Boy! Do I have some theories about motives, intended consequences of viewing them, etc.
    These videos SET THE STAGE for the mammoth misconception that The Cars main and only vocalist was Ric Ocasek. Fine for the casual listener/viewer but a great disservice to Benjamin Orr regarding his measurable contribution, influence & impact on The Cars popularity and financial success. This concerted effort to showcase Ric O in every video, impacted Benjamin Orr’s reputation, stature w/i the music industry and, imo, diminished the Orr LEGACY.
    This was a turn-off to me and laid the foundation of a life-long resentment and diminished recognition of Ric O as a man of integrity.
    Someone can argue on Ric’s behalf. I have played devils advocate and written in many a rant on you-tube as moodylicious that; ‘well, Ric O wrote the songs. It’s his right to guide the band and his business interests as he sees fit.’ blah, blah, blah.

    I’ll leave it at this:
    in the grand scheme of things the most important things you possess are your integrity and your honor. It’s also important how you treated your fellow man.

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    1. Persephone – you have hit the nail on the head about the videos. Once the MTV era began it seemed like Ric sang lead on almost all the songs and hence “starred” in the videos, with the exception of Drive. So of course no one really knew about Ben’s earlier contributions. It really is unfortunate that for many fans Ric is the voice of The Cars. And also, while I believe that Ric was a songwriting genius in the 70’s and very early 80’s, I’m not a huge fan of the songs that became popular with the casual fans. In a way I’m glad that Ben didn’t have to waste his beautiful voice singing lead on them!!

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      1. Yes, I hear you Carla!
        I am amazed at the comments I see to this day, on you-tube and various blogs, how surprised people are that someone else sang “their favorite Cars songs”. Then they see a photo or video of Ben Orr singing and they are flabbergasted and then very sad at finding this out so late.
        I strongly believe those bizarre videos and that change in sound, aided in diminishing The Cars amongst serious music lovers, critics and charter Cars fans.

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