Episode 11: What if…?

EP11Move Like This is a terrific album, no doubt about it. Unfortunately, it was recorded more than ten years after the death of Benjamin Orr. But what if he was still alive? Dave and Donna discuss the likelihood of Benjamin’s participation in the reunion, how the surviving members honored Benjamin’s memory, and we take a look at how the album may have turned out differently with his unique contributions. A couple of great call-ins and an email question about Benjamin’s unreleased tracks round out the show.

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Just a heads up: our next episode is scheduled for Friday, September 29, 2017, when we’ll be talking about how The Cars came across in a live show. Were you lucky enough to see them play? Email your thoughts and experiences to us at nightthoughtspodcast@gmail.com and we’ll read them on the air!

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UPDATE (March 14, 2018): All episodes are now available on Youtube! Listen, subscribe, and share. Check us out at bit.do/nightthoughts 


2 thoughts on “Episode 11: What if…?

  1. Hi SPJ-

    I enjoyed both your and Dave’s comments. I hadn’t really listened to Move Like This but after hearing your podcast I did. There are a lot of songs on it that would have suited Benjamin’s voice, as you both mentioned. It also struck me that Ric tried to sing more melodically than he did in the past when he used a quirkier style. I think what stood out for me was Dave’s comment about how Benjamin’s voice was really missing from the background vocals; after a re-listen that was quite obvious! They just didn’t sound as good, did they?

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