Episode 15: Ocasek and Orr

Graphic by @night_spots

Ric Ocasek and Benjamin Orr… their names will forever be entwined in the annals of music history. These two very talented men pooled their considerable gifts and created one of the first ‘new wave’ rock bands to hit the airwaves… and the industry has never been the same.

Some fans get pretty serious about trying to determine which of these two artists deserved more ‘credit’ for the success of the band, dividing themselves into “Team Ric” and “Team Ben.” In this episode, Dave and Donna take a (fairly tame) look at what each man brought to the table, from before The Cars and beyond.

Also in this episode, Donna’s various confessions move Dave to tears, we get a tweet from Donald Trump, and listeners are treated to Dave doing a ‘river dance’ in his clogs as he returns from the bathroom. Oh yeah, and don’t miss Donna’s first attempts at 1. playing a sound clip and 2. public humming.

Listen here:


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2 thoughts on “Episode 15: Ocasek and Orr

  1. I doubt that you and Dave intend Night Thoughts to be a comedy hour, but I gotta tell you, SPJ, I was laughing my ass off a few times during this episode!! Your personalities really complement each other. One thing that made me laugh was when Dave wondered about the meaning behind Ric’s lyrics and if Ben ever wondered WTF does that mean??!! Then last night I was watching one of my favorite videos – live version of “Cruiser” during the Shake It Up tour with Benjamin in the blue top with red collar and cuffs and blue boots – I’m sure you know the one – and I think of all the songs, that one really sums up the WTF aspect of Ric’s lyrics!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha! I’m so glad you liked it! We definitely have fun. And yes — I totally agree with your choice of song that sums up Ric’s lyrical headshakers. LOL Thanks for you comments — please feel free to share more thoughts you have!


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