It reminds me of him.

“The grand room suited Paul, the cream-colored walls with gold accents a fine contrast to his dark good looks. I felt a wave of la douleur, one of the many French words that do not translate into English well, which means ‘the pain of wanting someone you cannot have.'”

japan1980-2–Martha Hall Kelly, Lilac Girls


5 thoughts on “It reminds me of him.

  1. I love Bens voice and the first time I saw him I felt that I needed to meet him. So sad that he left us so early and never knew The Cars were inducted into The Hall of Fame.

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  2. when i think about those words, the pain of wanting someone you cant have, i think to have had Benjamin would have been all consuming. a man like him, the way he was with his music, from what i’ve read on your site and other places, seemed to me that was his first love. rehearsing, putting together the albums, touring, being on stage, that is what made him who he was. to have to share him with that life style and the fans, “the girls” would have driven me nuts i think. i think even if you had him, you really would not because the music would always pull him away. to have him, everything about him that touches all of your senses, like steven tyler said, “that kind of love is the killing kind” not sure if he could have even understood if you tried to explain to him, that everything he does and every word he says melts your soul. thats what i mean about all consuming. better i think to fantasize and make up in your head how you would have made it be with him. because to have really been with him and to have lost him to the life style or to the eventual evil cancer, would have been more than i could have bared.

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    1. I love your thoughts and your words. I have spent a lot of time thinking over these same things. I can’t decide which would be worse: the pain of never having been a part of his life, or the pain of losing him.


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