Episode 19: Getting Sirius!

Photo courtesy of Jenny Durgin

For the final episode of 2017 Dave and Donna welcome a very special guest to the studio! Jenny Durgin shares her experience of attending the taping of SiriusXM’s Town Hall discussion featuring Ric Ocasek.

In an interview recorded on April 28, 2016, Ric sat down with moderator Mark Goodman to answer questions from a select group of about two dozen SiriusXM subscribers. The Q&A lasted roughly an hour and covered a range of topics, from Ric’s early days as a writer to the 2011 reunion with The Cars.

Jenny walks us through what it took to get a seat in the audience, relates some of the cool stories that didn’t make the aired audio, and offers her reflections on Ric’s overall demeanor and attitude. And of course, we can’t help but take a few shots at Mark Goodman here and there… just saying. We also chit chat about dear Pocket Benjamin — if you are not familiar with PB you MUST take a listen!

You can follow Jenny on Twitter @jendurama. You’re going to want to check out her youtube channel, too. She has a plethora of rare audio recordings and interviews, and her fan videos are awesome. So many gems to be found there!

I’m adding two links in here: the first is to the actual SiriusXM interview. Below that you’ll find the link to Episode 19. Take a listen, subscribe and comment. We want to know your thoughts! Don’t forget to follow us on twitter (@night_spots@sweetpurplejune), too!

Thank you so much for listening to our ramblings over the last six months. We’ve had a blast, and we hope you have, too. Our next episode is scheduled for January 12, 2018. Have a safe and happy New Year, my friends!

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