Lyrics: Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park by Milkwood (written by Benjamin Orzechowski, ©1972)

Old men playing cards

Smiling, they speak in foreign words

And every day at three

They sit and play like children after school

Oh ain’t that cool… and they lived here all their lives in Lincoln Park


I took a morning picture of you

And caught you in the right light

Now ain’t that so very nice

And I still feel a loneliness without you

And I miss you, too… could you come and play in Lincoln Park?


Lovely lady would you like to walk with me and my white wolf dog?

Shauna blues eyes, warmth of sunshine

Stay with me tonight ’til tomorrow’s day


Portrait of you is this song

Shadowed because you’re not here

And old men still dealin’ their cards and I keep wishing you were here

It could be nice… if we could live a time by Lincoln Park

It could be nice… if we could live a time by Lincoln Park


4 thoughts on “Lyrics: Lincoln Park

  1. I think that it is “lonely” lady not lovely.
    And this is his life experience, the older generation from the “old” country speaking in their mother tongues and playing cards in the park. I grew up in Brooklyn and we had parks just like that where the older men would play cards and checkers, and handball.

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