Episode 28: Rock Hall Recap, part 2


In this second installment of our two-part “Cleveland Rocks!” series Dave and Donna are joined by close friends of the show Jenny Durgin and Kurt Gaber. Together the four take a closer look at the particulars of the 33rd annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

Unfortunately, Dave was unable to be in Cleveland (except in Pocket form), so Donna, Jenny and Kurt give him the rundown on the night, sharing their perspectives from both inside the Cleveland Public Hall and from the Rock Hall’s simulcast event. They touch on elements like:

  1. The Cars were badasses, from beginning to end!
  2. Bon Jovi… Howard Stern… really???
  3. Yes, Ben’s son was there.
  4. Brandon Flowers was PERFECT.
  5. Give it up for the Moodies!
  6. The tragedy that was Dire Straits (to everyone but Kurt).
  7. That long, looooong segment…..
  8. The emotional realities of gas mileage and the Cars-mobile.

The group also takes the time to recount their wonderful Fanorama encounters over the weekend and contemplate the future of The Cars. To wrap it up, Rico Kazzik shares his Rock Hall weekend experience during the Midnight Scroll.

Some apologies for Donna’s blunders: saying that the Panorama photos in the Cars’ slideshow were from Phil Kamin when she meant Paul McAlpine, and not remembering that the Moody Blues’ flute player, Ray Thomas, passed away this year and definitely deserved extra attention.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 28: Rock Hall Recap, part 2

  1. I don’t remember which podcast it was but here it goes. I feel that the comments about the Moody Blues were disrespectful. I don’t think that was necessary to bash them or anyone else for that matter. First of all I love what you are doing for The Cars and Benjamin Orr’s legacy but was that really unprofessional. I don’t think Benjamin would talk that way to people. We all need to take some lessons from him, he was a good and kind hearted guy with a heart of gold.

    I don’t see anyone bashing Ric for what he did to Benjamin and that I am sure that Benjamin wouldn’t want to see it either.

    Rest In Peace Benjamin!!


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    1. Aw, Judy! Thank you for commenting! So sorry you took it that way. Not sure what we said that would be considered ‘bashing’ but that certainly wasn’t our intention. It was just good-natured teasing. I have nothing but admiration and respect for the Moody Blues, and I felt they totally deserved to close the induction ceremony. They rocked!

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