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ric induction“I just want to start off with a little known fact about The Cars. When we started the band Ben was supposed to be the lead singer and I was supposed to be the good-looking guy in the band. But after the first gig that changed. I got demoted to just the songwriter.

It’s hard not to notice that Benjamin Orr is not here. He would have been elated to be on this stage, receiving this award, in his hometown. It feels quite strange to be up here without him, and we miss and love him dearly.” — Ric Ocasek, in his acceptance speech during The Cars’ induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, April 14, 2018

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  1. What a load of utter hogwash. But after all the heartfelt praise of the most dearly regarded, sadly departed Benjamin Orr, RO must’ve felt the need to save face/reiterate his importance to the band by expressing a jokey reminder that after all that was said, he was the one that wrote most of the songs with barely a smidgen of help from anyone else.
    One cannot help but feel that without his iron control over how the band members would act on stage – crushing their natural exuberance of the music by claiming to not go for the stage theatrics other bands enjoyed – it would’ve been very different group on stage full of zing and an abundance of really fun duck-faced rocking a’la Freddy Mercury rather than the mostly modulated “we’re working” faces that’re so prevalent in the photos and videos stretching over the years of the group together displaying them as a rather grim lot instead of musicians having fun with the music they were playing.
    To me the only indicator of fun the band members got away with are the closing moments of “It’s Magic” when the shot pans out and Elliot, David, Greg and Benjamin scamper from the bath house to the rear of the pool, skipping about joyfully as they mimic playing instruments behind the crowd. Pure joy and lots of fun to watch in those final moments at the top of the screen.
    Thank you Sweet Purple June for running your Benjamin Orr fun flag up the pole for us all to see and be drawn as the beacon illuminating his multitalented, under represented contribution to the music he dedicated his career to.
    Admitting how much some of us really liked him has been a long time coming.
    Thank you!

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    1. Hm… It’s hard to say comment on what went on behind the scenes since I wasn’t there (although I desperately wish I had been! Haha!). Based on interviews and footage, there is no doubt that Ric had some issues, but that the guys all enjoyed each other and loved what they were doing. Personally, I love their stage persona and would not have wanted them to act any different. How could I stare uninterrupted at Ben’s beautiful, crooning face otherwise? ❤ Thank you so much for your kind words about the blog and for commenting!

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      1. I agree, I like their stage presence. With pure talent they didn’t need to jump around smashing guitars.
        However I do think Ric is a schmuck.

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  2. Ric’s words were self deprecating, lighthearted and sweet. It was touching without being maudlin. He did an amazing job summing up a life long relationship. Lots of people like to identify as Team Ric or Team Ben, truth is Ric & Ben were the team along with Elliott, Greg and David. It took each guy to make the band complete. So thrilled you heard those words spoken in person!! What an experience. Love, love your website and all the care and attention you put in to putting out excellent content. This is truly an exemplary tribute to Benjamin!


    1. Yes, ALL five of the guys were needed to make this band what it was. I totally agree. It was an amazing privilege to be in Cleveland and get to participate in this little piece of Cars’ history; I’m not sure when I’ll get over it, if ever. Thank you so much for your kind words and for reading my scribblings; there is still so much more to write! I don’t think I will ever come to the end of him. ❤

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  3. It was such a disappointment that the band didn’t bring Ben Jr. on stage to accept his father’s award. To stand in for his dad. It would have been a great gift to him, and to his dad’s fans. When Dhani Harrison stood in for George at the RRHOF ceremony, and the Grammy Life-Time Achievement Award, and so many other Beatle related award ceremonies, die-hard Harrison/Beatles fans went wild with joy. What a moment it would have been. What a wasted opportunity.

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    1. I know, we all would have LOVED that. I’m not sure it was the band’s decision (not sure how all that words) but from what I understand, Ben’s son did have the opportunity to accept the award on behalf of his father, and I think that was the plan up until Rock Hall week. I believe he ended up declining kind of at the last minute because he felt it would be too emotional for him.


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