In other words:

eerrhof.jpg“Benjamin. He would have loved this night, right here, in his hometown of Cleveland, this city that was so proud of him. His beautiful voice, solid bass playing and good humor was such a huge part of the band’s success. Not a bad-looking guy either!” — Elliot Easton, in his acceptance speech during The Cars’ induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, April 14, 2018

9 thoughts on “In other words:

  1. The humility of one of the driving forces of this bands success is amazing. A charming and tactful speech as well. So glad his skills had him in demand in the music biz when the Cars show was over.

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      1. The band members personal work is on my Benjamin playlist so I can enjoy it as I complete projects around the house as therapeutic mood enhancements. Good way to know who they were musically also 🎶😊

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      2. I totally agree! All of them put out amazing solo stuff, and I love that they had an opportunity to follow the ‘sound’ that was each one’s passion, you know? So much great music by these guys!

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  2. “Not bad” – said no woman about Benjamin Orr ever. Haha.

    I had left in my first comment here that I was already tearing up during the video package, but just as I got it under control, the speeches came! Elliot’s was really good, and the part about his mom got me all choked up again. I really loved Greg’s speech, and David’s was hilariously brief. I think Ric was probably much more emotional than anyone can guess. I wish they’d let Ben’s son say a few words.

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    1. Right? “Yeah, you look okay, Benjamin. Maybe try to smolder a little more…” Haha! Not!

      I agree, their speeches were great. From what I understand, Ben’s son had the opportunity to accept the award on behalf of his father, and I think that was the plan up until Rock Hall week. He ended up declining because he felt it would be too emotional for him.

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      1. I can understand that. My mom died when I was 4, and I guess Ben was around 5 when his dad passed. It’s a different type of grief because you don’t really have any memories, just a sense there’s something missing. I’m sure it’s even harder for him given that the whole world knew his dad, but he didn’t. 😦

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