Episode 32: Album Dissections: The Cars’ Debut

episode32aThirty-two episodes into this podcast all about The Cars and we haven’t even gone deep on each individual album! Well, now is the time. Dave and Donna put the band’s self-titled debut album under the microscope and offer their keen (and sometimes gushy) observations about what critics have called “a genuine rock masterpiece.”

Their detailed analysis includes:

  1. Speculations on ‘the real surprise’
  2. The untold story of the “OOF!” on “Don’t Cha Stop”
  3. Hidden meanings revealed: Wisenheimer or Einstein?
  4. Exploring the layers of “I’m In Touch With Your World”
  5. Donna’s interminable praises for “Bye Bye Love”
  6. Discovering a new phenomena: the Benjamin Orr Trifecta.

A quick apology: Donna brings up Dave Raymer’s cover of “You’re All I’ve Got Tonight” but mistakenly says that it’s the way he draws out ‘tonight’ that she loves. It’s actually his treatment of ’cause’ that has her addicted. Take a listen here to see what she’s talking about:

From there they move into The Midnight Scroll where we get to meet new listener Susan H, and learn her backstory about how she came to love Benjamin Orr and The Cars. Thank you for the wonderful letter, Susan! We also get to hear from our faithful friend Harold from Florida, who offers some kind words about topics on our recent episodes. In between, Donna can barely hold it together as Dave shares the latest letter from our old pal Rico, who gives us the lowdown on the Staten Island Tribute Rockfest.

Graphic by @night_spots

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And now dive into Episode 32 — enjoy!



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