Episode 33: Happy Pod-iversary!

episode33On July 3, 2017, Dave and Donna indulged in a crazy idea to start a podcast all about their favorite band, The Cars, and it’s carried on far longer than either of them thought possible! Join them as they celebrate their first year by remembering how it all got started and taking a look (and listen) back over some of their favorite moments from the first 33 episodes.

daveshirtFrom there Dave takes on the task of interviewing a woefully unprepared Donna, which leads to thoughts on things like huckleberries, her writing, Dave getting slapped by his mom, favorite breakfast cereals, and what Donna would ask Benjamin if she had the opportunity.


Dave changes things up toward the end by reading some of the crazy comments posted on Cars videos on Youtube before they get to the Midnight Scroll (thank you Liz, Judi, and Harold!), and then they finish up the episode with sincere and hearty thanks to several dear friends of the podcast.

All in all it’s been an AMAZING year! We’ll just keep on doing our thing until we run out of things to say (or until Dave gets lynched), and hope that we can continue to bring people together through a mutual love for The Cars. Thank you SO much to everyone who listens!

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9 thoughts on “Episode 33: Happy Pod-iversary!

  1. Hi Donna and Dave,
    Happy podversary! really loved this episode, it was so much fun to listen to. I think Dave was so right on to get you thinking about writing a book about the Cars, I hope you do some day, I think you would do an awesome job and I would love to read it. As far as the podcast about Benjamin, I could talk about him for hours as well, and would love to hear him being talked about. I love your site so much cause its a place I can go thats all about Ben and the Cars. I dont have anyone in my world that I can go on about Ben to. I rely on your site, you tube and pinterest to get my fix. I dont face book anymore cause I had some trouble with my X husband and his family harassing me on there so I just decided to get away from it all together. Thank you , thank you, for all you do to keep your site awesome and fun. As far as Dave and his pop culture podcast, I could talk about Gilligans Island for hours too! loved that show growing up, I bet I would win hands down in a trivia game. I’d love to know what Dave’s favorite episode was, mine was, Ghost a go go.

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I definitely understand about being on your own as far as indulging in discussions and gush about Benjamin; my lack of the same outlet was the whole reason I started my blog. I’m so glad you found me to be your Benjamin Buddy! Haha! And thanks for listening to the podcast, too; I’ll be sure to pass on your words to Dave and ask him about his favorite Gilligan episode on the next show. He’ll love it! Please keep in touch, Sherry. I’m often slow on responding, but I do love the connection with other Ben/Cars fans. ❤


  2. Your so welcome, you’ve created such an awesome site to the memory of Benjamin. I’m a big fan and you have so many others! The work you did also with Joe Milliken to get his book together, just awesome! I’ve read and heard him say in an interview, he could not have done it without you. I cant wait to have it in my hands. I probably wont put it down till I finish reading it, only to pick it back up and read it again,lol. Please, no worries about any slow responses, you are a busy woman! Thank you for passing along the Gilligan episodes to Dave. It will be fun to hear him talk about his fav one. Tough to pick actually there are so many funny ones. Thank you again for being a Benjamin buddy, lol. As long as your here I’ll be watching and listening 🙂

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  3. Hi SPJ,
    I know I congratulated you on twitter about having your writings up at the rock hall, but I wanted to say congrats again. I could tell by your voice on the last pod cast how excited and joyful you were about it, and how awesome of your good friend Dave to take that great pic of it. Thank you, for reading my comment on your podcast, it was so very cool to hear you read it! When I heard you start reading I was giggling like a little kid 🙂 It was a pretty big deal to me. I told my husband about it and told him about your work on the “Let’s Go” book, also your writings up at the rock hall and all the cool places you’ve been and famous people you know and that you had Greg Hawkes on your podcast! He say’s, wow you know a real celebrity, who knows rock stars! I said, ya, she’s my Benjamin buddy lol. He looked at me kind of funny, I told him it was a Benjamin Orr thing and he wouldn’t understand 🙂 Thank you also for mentioning what I said about the book to Joe. I really respect him greatly for the years of dedication he put in and also the way he went about getting the facts about Ben. listening to Joe in his interview about the book saying how he took his time with all the people he spoke with and made sure to be very forth coming about what he was writing and how much respect he showed those people, Joe seems to be a good caring person to me, not alot like him anymore, unfortunately. Please tell Dave I would be up for some Gilligan trivia, just tell him to take it easy on me, my old lady brain isn’t what it used to be lol. Also, I love the mosquito episode too. Bingo, Bango, Bongo and Irving lol. Mrs. Howell with the scissors running after Irving trying to cut his hair, but Dave, don’t forget the Honey Bee’s lol Thanks again for reading my comment and making me feel a little like a celebrity too!

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    1. Aw, Sherry! I so appreciate your sweet words! But I’ll tell you, I am definitely NOT a celebrity, and I am so happy to be your Benjamin Buddy! ❤ Smiling over your hubby; mind doesn't get it either but he lets me do my thing, bless his heart. I will definitely pass your words on to Dave. I hope you guys do some trivia! What a hoot! And as for Joe, you are spot-on; Joe is a terrific guy and he has definitely honored Ben in the way he wrote this book and treated Ben's family and friends. November 11 can't get here soon enough! Thank you again for your kind words, and for reading about and listening to my obsession with Benjamin and The Cars, and for celebrating my little successes along the way. It means so much to me!


  4. Hi Donna,
    I do anyway think my husband was correct, you deserve to have celebrity status. you have got yourself some pretty good star quality achievements. you have many social media sites that tons of people like and follow. The first and only podcast for our awesome Cars band. You’ve not only met but are friends with one of the best if not thee best synthesizer / key board player of all time, Mr. magic fingers, Greg Hawkes. And are the P.R. coordinator of the best book to come out in 2018, the only biography to ever come out about the awesome, multi talented, gorgeous, Benjamin Orr! So…if you still don’t think you deserve celebrity status, you do. Oh geez, I forgot having your writings up at the Rock Hall for all to see. Ask your family and Dave plus Joe, a celebrity as well, they will agree with me.
    Yes, hopefully Dave will come up with some Gilligan trivia for me, not sure how he will go about getting them to me but I’m ready 🙂 I really enjoy reading and listening to your obsession with Benjamin, and what a wonderful obsession it is 🙂 I like how you see the same as me, all those adorable little things he does. Not sure if you’ve had time to watch again the MTV interview with Mark Goodman. The part where Mark says they will be right back with more from Ben after playing “Stay the night” Ben sits up and back in his chair and say’s, “OK” the way he says it is just so damn cute 🙂 makes me giggle like a school girl lol. I must have rewound that part dozens of times. I know you will feel the same. Also in your own gorgeous gifs, the one you have of Ben close up. He’s sitting at a table with a bottle of, not sure what it is but, I think its actually part of a clip that you slowed down for the gif, from the unlocked dvd. Greg is doing some weird yell and scary face into the camera and then the camera goes to Ben, looking a little annoyed with Greg, Ben looks down and away from whom ever is filming, opens and closes that sweet mouth of his a couple times and just stares off. You wrote the caption, “no words” exactly what I thought the first time I watched it. I often wonder if he ever even realized that some of the simplest things he did caused women to melt 🙂
    Now we wait for the book. It will be so cool to have many more Ben things to talk about. His wonderful life story and I’m positive, some amazingly beautiful pictures of Ben we’ve never seen, well, you have seen lol, but the rest of us cant hardly wait! So, enjoy your celebrityness lol and keep having fun and keep obsessing , I’m right there with you!

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    1. Aw! I love your kind words. Thank you so much for your encouragement. And I love that you love to study Ben like I do — he is mesmerizing! You’re going to LOVE the book, I just know it!


      1. Your so welcome Donna. Yes indeed, Benjamin is completely mesmerizing! There is no doubt that all of us awaiting will love the book!

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