Episode 34: Album Dissections: Candy-O

episode34Time to pull the cover back on Candy-O, The Cars’ second record, and take a closer look at what’s under the hood (cheesy Cars pun — groan!).

After blasting onto the music scene with their iconic debut album, many critics were prepared for the follow-up offering to fall into the dreaded ‘sophomore slump’ but instead, they were treated to a splendid sequel that proved The Cars’ success was no accident.

Dave and Donna start their study with some background information on this unforgettable album, and then move to the ‘physical examination’ (non-biological), commenting on everything from the band’s style to the cover art (complete with Vargas impersonations). From there they dive into the music, taking each side song by song and sharing their observations, while also exploring questions like:

  1. What did Ben’s mom say about putting things in his mouth?
  2. Are the lyrics to “Let’s Go” lecherous? (Please excuse Donna’s Paul Stanley impression!)
  3. Did RTB choose the wrong song to end the album?

They also discuss such nuances as:

  1. Elliot’s mastery of the outro
  2. The progression and variety of moods from beginning to end
  3. The sometimes puzzling semantics of Ric’s lyrics

The Midnight Scroll this week includes some wonderful insight from Cars fan and fledgling bass player, Katrina. She shares the musical experience she’s gained playing with her band, The Debutantes. Then our good friend, Judi, writes in to clarify the meaning of the phrase ‘Benjamin Orr Trifecta,’ and also inspires Dave to examine himself to determine if he is a ‘fandango.’ Thank you, ladies!

To close out the show, Dave drops a hint about the exciting topic they’re tackling in Episode 35… but not enough of a hint for the impatient Donna. Haha! Be sure to listen through the end and see if you have an idea of what’s coming.

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One thought on “Episode 34: Album Dissections: Candy-O

  1. I wonder if Ric was making a backhanded reference to ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” in “Let’s Go”. I mean, she was also 17, and “hold her down and break her crown”? He was often ironic in lyrics, so maybe…? I agree the “Since I Held You” has a little 2-step sound. I could see an Americana group picking that up. Or I wish…!


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