It reminds me of him.

Marc Anthony is one of my favorite vocalists ever, and really, he’s the reason I know any Spanish at all. 🙂

The lyrics here (using the best translation I can find), and the determination in the way Marc sings them, brings Benjamin to my mind, as I often wonder what he was thinking and feeling during the later years of his journey.

AquĂ­ me ven tratando de limpiar los restos que quedaron del fracas

Here you see me trying to cleanse the remains that were left of failure

Creyendo que tal vez podré recoger todos mis pedazos y recuperar mi vida

Believing that maybe I can pick up all my pieces and recover my life…

Aquí estaré y como un hombre asumiré que voy a retomar mis pasos

I’ll be here, and as a man I will assume that I’m going to resume my steps

Que lo que nunca pudo ser es cosa ahora del pasado

That what could never be is now a thing of the past

Y quiero amar sin mentiras… sin mentiras

And I want to love without lies… without lies


— Marc Anthony, “Amar Sin Mentiras”


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