In other words:

Regarding honoring Benjamin Orr during the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony: “I feel like he definitely was represented. I think we all made mention. Just because we didn’t do ‘Drive,’ I don’t think there’s any disrespect meant towards Ben. If anything, I almost think the opposite, that as far as Ben’s vocal there, you can’t really replace the guy, so why attempt it?” — Greg Hawkes, NiGHT THOUGHTS: The Cars Podcast Episode 31, June 8, 2018


6 thoughts on “In other words:

  1. I’m assuming his answer means there were some complaints regarding the lack of Drive? I’m surprised anyone would complain, precisely because how could Benjamin possibly be replaced on it? Not only does he sound amazing but he sings it very sensitively, which is the quality that I think is really irreplaceable, aside from the technical quality of the vocal itself. The best way to honor him is to not even attempt to replace him on it I think. They said very lovely things about him in their speeches and he was well honored.

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    1. Not complaints so much; just lots of speculation and fans with strong opinions/expectations/concerns about how Ben’s presence might be felt and his contributions honored. It was a time of high emotion leading up to the ceremony, as many (including myself!) were longing for Ben and wishing he was still alive to receive all the accolades he was due. ❤


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