Episode 37: ORRbots, ORRbs, ORR Not?

ep37If you’ve listened to this show for any length of time, you know that the NiGHT THOUGHTS podcast is all about having fun diving deep into anything and everything ‘The Cars’ and discussing it with a moderate degree of intelligence, a generous helping of humor, and a bit of unavoidable immaturity. This episode is a little different, though…

After careful consideration, Dave and Donna revisit the tough topic of the fanaticism that snakes its way through the Benjamin Orr fanbase. The intent is not to target individuals, but to call out behaviors that cast a pall on fan group dynamics: words and actions that hurt innocent members and dishonor Ben’s legacy.

They make it clear they are not discussing the average fan; it goes beyond that. Dave and Donna take a look at embellished authority and acquaintance, fake romances, and excessive spirit-world experiences. They also examine the possible reasons why this sort of thing is even an issue. While they handle this dark discussion with the respect and sobriety it deserves, they do throw in a little humor here and there to break the tension.

Dave also offers a sincere invitation to anyone who has a struggle with this topic (either good or bad, especially if you feel like it is YOU that is being talked about) to let him know directly. If you’d like, he will arrange for you to come on NiGHT THOUGHTS as a guest to discuss your side of the issues at hand. Use any of the links below to make your thoughts known:

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The show closes with an optimistic letter on the Midnight Scroll, and Dave and Donna both look forward to returning to their usual ‘podcast shenanigans’ for their next recording: a dissection of The Cars’ fourth album, Shake It Up.

Until then, grab a cup of coffee and brace yourself for a visit to the dark side.


8 thoughts on “Episode 37: ORRbots, ORRbs, ORR Not?

  1. I guess I never really understood the extreme nature but have seen some very scary story’s as I’m sure we all have . I also understand the “famous by association “because I have worked with some that ” ride the coat tail’s ” of musician’s – esp those who can no longer speak for their self , as a way of trying to get noticed.
    It is a very unusual topic indeed but the show handled this with a very respectful and witty tone. Dave even opened up as to what is was like dealing with it on a very personal level. Very brave and touching.
    {seeing word press no longer allows me in , I had to create a new “name” }
    Love from Fanoramania-

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  2. Hi, Donna!
    Thank you to you and Dave for addressing this difficult topic with sincerity and honesty (and a lot of humor!). It is regretful that many of the top offenders that you alluded to do not use the same approach. You did not have to reveal their names because their attempts to gain some type of psychotic payout is evident. Do they really think that they can fool people who actually know how to use their brain to think! Anyway, I want to thank you and Dave for keeping your pages and blogs bat-shit-crazy-free!

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  3. I like how you were thoughtful and tried to fact-check a lot of these stories. I saw a few comments from the Olga person and wondered if there was any truth to any of that, but I didn’t consider that there is a whole hinky power grid surrounding the life and times of Benjamin. I’m catching up on these podcasts so I appreciate the good information that comes out of them.

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  4. Hey. Just surfing the ‘net and ended up here at this podcast. I think I know who the ‘Dark Lord’ is but am unaware of the other two. You both seem fairly open to a Spirit World so I will comment; please humour me. As someone pretty into that kind of stuff (visit my website if you want), in my experience, it’s *very* difficult to connect with Spirits. Maybe this ‘Psychic Sadie’ has the ability to ‘hear’ him, whereas his SOs do not. However, this ORRb would need to provide ‘proof’ that Ben is indeed watching over them. There would need to be information that she would have no previous knowing about, and that only the recipient would know. Anyway, just putting that out there.


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