It reminds me of him.

It’s no secret that some of Benjamin’s songs move me deeply. “Wake Me Up,” “Take Me Now,” “Do You Know What it Feels Like”… The combination of poignant lyrics and the emotion in Ben’s voice somehow reaches in and twists my achy heart until I sob. Crazy, I know, but I am not the only one who has felt this way about a vocalist.

Listening to this terrific version of such a beautiful narration reminds me of the power Benjamin’s gift can have over me.


“Strumming my pain with his fingers, singing my life with his words

Killing me softly with his song, killing me softly with his song

Telling my whole life with his words… killing me softly with his song…”


— Fugees, “Killing Me Softly With His Song” (written by Charles Fox and Norman Gimbel)



2 thoughts on “It reminds me of him.

  1. Donna,
    You are a gifted and beautiful person. The vignettes you post are so touching and appreciated. Thanks for sharing this personal part of you, which somehow gives me permission to have these feelings too.

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    1. Thank you so much, my sweet friend! After I started writing my blog I discovered that so many of us have these feelings for Ben… I thought I was the only one who got so twisted up inside over him. It’s incredible how deeply he touches us and I consider it a beautiful reflection of the wonderful man he was.


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