Candy-O… Candy? No.

Exciting news! Well, at least for me. You know how I always have this nerdy little list of Ben mysteries that I am trying to solve, kind of like cold case files in the detective world? Well, thanks to the sleuthing skills of one of my good friends, “The Case of the Candy-O Lollipop” has been cracked!

candy oWe are all familiar with the now-iconic photo of Ben loving on a lollipop on the backside of the Candy-O album cover (if you’re not, just look to your right). Early in my obsession I had read lollipop pensomewhere that the lucky candy treat was actually not candy at all, but a type of writing pen that was popular in the sixties and seventies, with a little skinny handle and a large round lid over a ballpoint tip. As I recall, the story was that a secretary or an assistant on location at the photoshoot offered it to Ben as a prop. Of course, I haven’t been able to find that source since, and it has long been one of those things that I just wanted to be able to verify once and for all. Does it affect the government shutdown? Of course not. But there are those of us that just have to know every little thing…

So here you go: definitive proof! Zooming in on this outtake from the Candy-O photoshoot clearly shows that it IS a pen. Ah… another thing crossed off my list!

Candy-O photos by Jeff Albertson.

15 thoughts on “Candy-O… Candy? No.

  1. And where is this pen now? Do you think that there still may be some DNA on it? Not that I’m imagining any “JORRassic Park” type of scenario or anything… 😉

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  2. They were around in the late 70s for sure. You mentoned this on Night Thoughts once and a few days later I had a laugh remembering my neighborhood Avon lady had one. Hmmmm. Secret Ben fan? Or night time photography assistant.
    Great job.
    B. B.

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  3. And to think all these years since I bought that album and stared at that picture (maybe while drooling…) I thought it was a real lollipop and here you’ve gone and uncovered the truth all these decades later!!! Ha ha! You’re too awesome my friend! ❤️

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