Lyrics: Silver

Silver (written by Ric Ocasek, ©2005)

Appearing as track five on Ric’s 2005 solo album Nexterday, “Silver” was apparently written as Ric’s tribute to Benjamin. Greg Hawkes played the keyboards.

You were my silver, you were my gold

You were all the things that can’t be told.

You were my star falling through the night

You were the one that showed me grand delight

I can’t see you, but I need you, you’re gone… yeah, you’re gone… yeah, you’re gone away


You were my right hand, you were my friend

You were always strong until the end

You were my good time, you were my rave

You’re the one that always set the stage

What I once knew, now I miss you, you’re gone… yeah, you’re gone… yeah, you’re gone away


Now I spend my lonely nights wishing you were here to make things right

And turn my darkness into light


‘Cause you were my party, you were my tea

You’re the one that had some faith in me

You’re what I once knew, now I miss you, you’re gone… you’re gone… you’re gone away


You were my good time, you were my rave… you’re the one that always set the stage….

5 thoughts on “Lyrics: Silver

  1. Sorry to say, that although I have softened a little on my opinion on Ric, I still do not believe he was all that nice to Benjamin (or the members of The Cars). The fact that he did not say anything in the biography of Benjamin’s life kind of says it all.

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    1. I have to agree with you Stacey.
      I just listened to it for the first time, and I am not impressed with this song at all. It is boring, and the lyrics are shallow, and juvenile. It would have been better if he hadn’t written it al all.

      After all those years they spent before the cars and during, this is all you have to say? Benjamin
      was the Light of the group, He was, as he said of himself and David “the en-gine”
      Even though it seems thousands of people dd not realize (until the internet) how Benjamin’s voice, bass, stage presence and showmanship was a major part of who The Cars were; at the time, if it weren’t for what he brought to the Cars, I don’t think they would have been as successful.

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      1. With Ric gone now, I certainly don’t hold a grudge against him and he seems to have been a nice enough person. He was an amazing songwriter. In the way unfortunately these things happen, his passing sort of sent me down the rabbit hole – for some reason I was surprised he was 75, I wanted to watch some Cars videos and remembered I tended to like the songs sung by Benjamin the best generally back in the day and that was all she wrote. (I watched the live aid videos and under the interview one of the commenters mentioned that Benjamin was older than Robert Plant. Which just was wild, true but kind of wild especially because Plant looked older, and of course Ric was 3 years older than him, reminds you how long these guys worked to make it. ) I don’t blame Ric for Benjamin’s life choices BUT he really didn’t have to be such a tightwad when it came the writing.

        Can I understand him not wanting Benjamin’s girlfriend as a writing credit on a Cars album, sort of, even though she was good – but it doesn’t seem like he offered any other solutions or compromises. It had to be hard to be partners with Ric for so long, to have gone through so much, to have stuck together when the going was so tough, but he still won’t put one of your songs on an album? And on top of it, generally seems to be giving you fewer commercial songs to sing and keeping most of the obvious hits to himself. It doesn’t seem like fair repayment for all that loyalty. Plus generally everything seemed to be getting geared more and more away from his strengths, as a musician and performer. As I see it, if you are going to be the sole writer for a band, and it’s going to be a BAND and not just you and backing musicians, then you need to write FOR the band, towards the members of the band’s strengths. Like give your best singer the best songs to sing, that sort of thing.

        I do think a couple of lines are pretty touching in these lyrics – you were my right hand, you were my friend/you were always strong until the end, which is true, and you’re the one that had faith in me. I imagine there were plenty of pep talks during those lean years.

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