It reminds me of him.

You were


14 thoughts on “It reminds me of him.

  1. Love the poem, the photo.
    This made me cry, especially today. Gerry is recording the 3rd album with 2 friends from the mainland , one of these special musicians , a truly lovely man with a wonderful family is at end stage cancer and he wanted to work till he could not and finish recording this album. Gerry sang lead vocals for a beautiful song and our friend was going to add his harmonies so they would be forever on this song, so Gerry sent his own vocals to him last Thursday when our friend took a turn for the worse. He now is heavily medicated and we cannot even speak with him. Damn cancer. We knew it was coming but reading this wonderful poem which is so true about Benjamin also is making me think about our friend. Hugs from Tasmania

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    1. Oh Tia! So much heartbreak! I am so sorry about your friend and am sending hugs from my corner of the world. May the music he’s made with Gerry and his other bandmate bring you all much-needed comfort.

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      1. Thank you for your warm words dearest Donna ❤ I feel as if my emotions are on the outside right now, so much grief but trying to think of what Scotty would want. Gerry is working hard on their last song together, Scotty wrote this and really wanted Gerry to sing this ballad, it is such a sad haunting song, Scotty was going to add his harmonies to Gerry's main vocals. Now Gerry talked with Scotty's best friend and close friend of ours Paul ( who was the main songwriter of all the songs of the 3 albums Gerry and Scotty worked on together ) and Paul recommended for Gerry to add his own harmonies and it will get published and released in Scotty's memory. Also some more songs will be finished by Paul, Gerry and other friends to honour Scott. This Soundcloud link goes to Scotty's own production ( on this you can hear some of Scotty's material, also hear my better half sing lead vocals {Gerry Murrell} on some of their original songs like Moody Skies and also a cover Gerry sang with the band Still In Love With You, and I am a proud wife <3) Love to you, hugs, Tia

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      2. I’m listening now. 🙂 Tia, I am so sorry about Scotty’s passing. What a blessing to have this music to wrap around you and Gerry, and a project to focus energies on to keep Scotty’s memory alive for future generations. Sending you hugs in your grief, my friend.

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  2. Thank you dear Donna for your warm words. It means a lot to me, my friend. I am trying to “Celebrate Life” as Scotty would want us to do but this whole weekend we just were so grief stricken. But as you said it is wonderful that we have Scotty’s music and also Gerry is focusing on the unfinished song. Also making sure we comfort 2 close friends of ours who were so close to Scotty. One in Hobart , the other far away in Queensland but staying in touch by calling and or writing each day.
    Trying to take each hour by hour and just being grateful for all the wonderful blessings in life and being mindful also not to take life for granted. And as I write this I hear Scotty’s voice saying “Don’t sweat the small stuff” . Thank you for your hugs , with hugs back, from a warm sunny autumn day , Tia

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