In other words:

What was the extent of (Benjamin’s) contribution to the band? “Well, his looks (laughs). He had the wonderful voice that I mentioned… He could play more than just bass, he could play any instrument. He played drums for awhile… ” — Ric Ocasek, “Town Hall with Ric Ocasek” on SiriusXM, April 28, 2016


3 thoughts on “In other words:

  1. Ofcourse the ever cheeky Ric being playful but how honest that Benjamin was the consummate musican whos voice as ear candy well as pressence that was eye candy….oh.
    I think its agreed by all who visit this page he is missed so very deeply so on Move Like This and how his delivery would have cjanged songs like Take Another Look or Soon.

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  2. E possibly all have had an unrequited love or two,but one that is undeniably heartfelt,& sometimes those thoughts keep us from seeing what’s real in life.I never knew alot of things that I had an opportunity to see or feel or enjoy,because of sadness over a lost love,& then you have to let go,or go crazy,& I’m not sure,but I donr feel like one EVER really let’s go of that 1 deep feeling.It was good to hear Ric & his ideas on the sing Drive,& that Ben wouldve wanted to sing that.Thnx Ric

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