Quoting Benjamin

On working with Andy Warhol for the video “Hello Again”: “(laughs) He was a different kind of human being. (laughs) He was nice enough. Sorry he passed away. Yeah, it was a whole different ambiance going in and shooting a video with those guys. It was very hardcore New York stuff. There was just an air about the whole process.” ~ interview with A.J. Wachtel of The Beat, October 1987



11 thoughts on “Quoting Benjamin

  1. I guess we have to read between the lines in that quote.

    This video was such a disappoinment to me. When I read in Let’s Go that Andy Warhol had something to do with one of their videos, I checked it out straightaway, sure that Andy would recognize Ben’s charm and make sure he was on camera a lot. What a letdown.

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    1. I agree. It was definitely not my style. Although… there is the one little part around 1:35 where Ben and Greg are walking into the bar and the shot is from the back, and you see Ben clap Greg on the back, and the way Ben’s shoulders look and move is sooooooo manly. That’s the best part of the whole video. Haha!

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      1. Your Ben-ology always delivers! I will now check out minute 1:35, at half speed. Any bit of Ben is great, but I do have a thing for shoulders, so looking forward to this.

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      2. I’ve now watched it at half speed and what I really liked was Ben’s cute looks as he sat at the bar and sang backup. He was directly face to face with Andy Warhol, so lucky Andy, but based on the behind the scenes report on the making of the video, Andy was pretty out of it so probably wasn’t able to fully appreciate it.

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  2. You know what I also am wondering about is , what about all the extra stuff they shot ? I mean there must be tons of stuff from that shoot, I know having worked as a model even in minor production ads and so on, they take 5 times the footage at least that is used and from my music background as far as videos for bands are concerned there would be so much unused footage. I am sure somewhere in the vault is an hour of footage that was filmed of Benjamin and the band. If only that would be released, I wonder who has this ???? There would be footage they did not use and they never ( or never used to) throw this away. I love those shoulders. When I watch the video I will just go back and back over any footage that shows Benjamin and the band and fast forward otherwise…. I was also so disappointed about this video, I wonder why he did not see the charisma and charm that Benjamim possessed and made sure he was on a lot of this video? Or was it management ordering what was the final edition? Which brings me to another question if I may, does anyone know why the concert from 1987 of The Cars that I bought on DVD and can be seen on Youtube shows so very little footage of Benjamin? Gerry and I were getting angry watching this as it seems as if the camera man avoids Benjamin on purpose, it could not be accidental. Even when he is singing lead ( not on Drive, on that song they show him) they put the camera on to the other band members, I think it is great that the whole band is shown but why not show Benjamin? Or show so little? I also noticed when Ric sings the camera just stayed on him. Gerry jokingly said the camera man had it in for Ben as perhaps his girlfriend had a crush on Benjamin or so 😉 But what really happened with that concert recording ? We would love to know. Warm regards, Tia 🙂

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    1. Ah, Tia! You bring up so many deep questions, and in all likelihood, we will never have complete answers. 1. Where is all of the ‘extra’ stuff (not just videos, but music, photos, concerts, etc)? 2. Who’s idea was it to put Ric out front and pull the rest of the band into the shadows? 3. And what all happened during the time of the breakup?

      I think that it is easy for fans to make Ric the villain, and he very well may have been so, but as we know, only two people will ever know the full truth… but Ben is gone and Ric’s not talking. We’ll have to be content with hoping for the best, and believing that they made their peace before Ben passed away, and doing all we can to honor Ben and share his legacy with others. Oh, and keep our fingers crossed for more extra stuff to surface! ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. Dear Donna,
        You are so right, sadly now only Ric could talk and I feel he never really will open up about it. And if he did talk it would be from his perspective.
        I know from seeing this in life ,good bands can be like families or in some ways even marriages, they are complicated just like families and marriages and bad things happen and again from our experiences sometimes even the band members do not understand what really happened. Which is sad but it happens. Conflict happens as the music industry is so challenging and also it’s a hard life especially for a band with such a high profile. Touring, recording etc can be so stressful.
        I never like the idea of thinking of anyone as a villain and in real life it is always more complicated than this.
        I really would love to think they made their peace as they did the final interview together and I have sadly seen that when facing certain death of an old friend or loved one it is easy to let go of old conflicts as it pales to what is happening so I would like to believe that they did indeed make their peace.

        I do hope with my typical optimism that some of the footage/ music/ videos/ concerts and more will still be somehow shared with fans.

        As you said all we can do is honour Benjamin and share his legacy with others and yes, I am keeping my fingers and TOES crossed. ❤ ❤ ❤

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