6 thoughts on “Coming to Boston!

  1. Yes! I cant wait! A good friend said she would go and drive, she used to live in Boston and knows her way around the area! I will be there with my book for you and Joe to sign! It’s going to be lots of fun!

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  2. I wish I could be there but I am under some obligation’s.And the both of you.Sherry and Donna.And Joe..Dave,and on and on by the way.Hope this is the beginning of a great yearly event.

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    1. Oh B.B.! I wish you could, too — not sure when I’m going to be on that side of the country again. It would be such a treat to meet you! We’ll have to hope that fate brings us together at some time in the (near) future!


  3. Hi Donna! Gosh I wish I could be there because I know this will be a great time for all! It would be so much fun to meet everybody. I know you were already in Ohio but do you think down the road there might be an event in or around the Chicago area in the future???? Just wishing…I am an optimist…it could happen right? I truly hope that you and Joe and everyone else involved will have an amazing turnout!

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